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Join me on my BlogTalkRadio show Uranus Happens for free live Uranian Astrology and Psychic Medium readings!

Shows are Tuesdays from 8-9pm and Sundays 3-5pm Pacific. It’s easiest if you create an account so you can listen and join in on the chat to cut the line!

We appreciate all the love and support from our listeners! Spread the joy of Uranian Astrology!

Uranian Astrology


Uranian Astrologer/Astral Traveler

I called the show “Uranus Happens” because it’s a reference to when we try to be in charge of destiny but things hysterically backfire. Nobody’s in charge on our show, but I’m definitely the gatekeeper. I may or may not be a dragon depending on the current state of actions out in the world, but I’m always upbeat and can make you smile in these trying times. Can you hear all those years of Toastmasters in my hosting ability?

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Psychic Medium

Kate dabbles in Uranian Astrology but she’s known as a truly gifted psychic medium. Her readings almost always parallel what I do with the astrology. Let me say I’m one picky mofo and my expectation bar is pretty high. Kate passes with flying colors and always from a point of compassion. I am blessed to have such a great co-host.

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Chat Co-host

Savannah’s the prettiest girl in the room when we’ve got a queue for free live readings. Just let her know your birth data in the chat. You’ll get priority over everyone else in line. You can also write in your questions in advance so we can get you in the queue!

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Uranian Astrology