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I’m not like other astrologers. I don’t believe in houses or signs, and I don’t write “horrible-scope” forecasts that apply to literally every person on the planet. I got sick of crappy astrologers talking about astrology, so I created a show where we actually do astrology but don’t talk about it! Isn’t not talking about it the first rule of Fight Club?

I use ONE methodology and it’s the same every time–I don’t believe in “pick and choose the methods that are right for you”–this reduces astrology to anecdotal pseudoscience. Your reading is only as good as the information you provide, which is why I require your EXACT time of birth. I am unable to read you without a complete birth profile, which includes your date, TIME, and place.

Uranian Astrology is alchemy of the Akashic Records. There’s a high road, and a low road–The events in your life are predetermined by the choices available to you in the moment through your thoughts and actions.

It takes a while to fully solve for a personal prediction, so you should buy some consulting emails to get the answers you need. The free readings are a general assessment of where you are in the moment, where you’ve been recently, and where you’re going in the near future. You will get the same free reading every 3-6 months, so join our Spirit Circle events to ask specific questions!

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You know I don’t do this show for your money. After all, the live readings are free. If you really enjoyed your astrologer boyfriend experience with me, I always appreciate any gratuities. It’s how I continue to make this show. Remember any contribution of $5 will get you a “front of the line” pass so you don’t have to wait in the queue. Come on, you gotta admit twerking fratbro is effective marketing.


10 Consulting Emails

Did I decline your request on the show because of time constraints? Do you have any messages on your account? Email readings are when you seek specific information delivered fast, in 150 words or less! Reply to my comments and keep the thread going. I’ll close the thread when you ask about something new. You need to purchase the Basic Analysis if you are looking to investigate a particular problem or issue. Every email has a “sunset period” of 1 week before I close the thread to account for any back and forth. Nobody in the industry is doing astrology like me! Come on, what are you waiting for? Same day turnaround, but please allow up to 48 hours. Chart demonstration graphics always included where appropriate.


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Did we knock your socks off with your free reading? Show us some love! Help us make the show. By making a contribution, you will help our overhead expenses so we can keep bringing you free readings.

Basic Analysis (15 minutes)

Please inform of the direction you’d like to take for your reading so I can provide the best service possible. If you’re looking to talk about a chart different than your own (eg parent, child, spouse), then you need to purchase the Full Analysis. This option is only for people looking to gain a personal consult based on their own info. I can see the other people in your life through your chart, but it requires a different chart to know how somebody’s doing aside from the general stuff that’s easy to see at the surface.


Full Analysis (30 minutes)

Dual chart analysis. In depth investigation of any problem if your choice and examination of 5-8 related charts. Includes a 6 month forecast if requesting a multi-subject general read, or general timeframe within the next 3-6 months when. Want to know the specific day and month? Prepare to open your wallet! I’m a fan of the human experience, so oftentimes it’s better to only have a general idea or else it’ll impact your daily life in ways you don’t expect or like. Now you’re trying to play God by calling all the shots since you’re armed with this piece of info. Don’t let life pass you by–You don’t get a second chance so make the most of it!


Duo Consult (1 hour, 2 readers)

Special promotional rate! Two great minds are more powerful than one! Viretta will connect intuitively with your guides and show you the path ahead while telling you what you need to hear. I will bring alchemy to the table with Uranian Astrology so you’re made fully aware of the choices available to you in the moment, and how your actions/thoughts will impact what manifests in the future.


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