Mercury retrograde ends today!!!!

As much as I love Mercury retrograde in Aries, I’m glad it’s over. The past three weeks (month, really) have felt like a neverending acid trip; but it’s a good trip, trust me.

Like with all Mercury retrograde cycles, my Sony PlayStation 3 always decides to crap out on me and give me the Red Light of Death. When it’s not shutting down completely, my Netflix starts doing crazy things, I randomly lose game data, or the PlayStation Store is down for maintenance.

If it’s not my PS3, it’s something else random and important, but it’s usually my fault when it breaks. Like five years ago when I was staying up all night in an attempt to work on a final term paper for my Linguistic Anthropology class, the klutzy Sagittarius Rising in me came out and I tripped over my own feet in my apartment, only to come crashing into the TV and waking up several hours later on the floor and not knowing how I had gotten there, but the broken floor fan that caught my fall was a good indicator. Fortunately though, it was under warranty and I had a new one in a few weeks.

Another year, I was on my way to school and left my phone on the bus. The Motorola Q Silver was the most infernal piece of technological garbage I had ever owned (mind you, this was one of the predecessors to the modern-day smart phone), and had already gone through 3 other replacements at this point because it continued to break. After I panicked from losing a $500 phone and composed myself, I decided never to go back and try and see if anyone had turned in, nor did I file a claim with Verizon. I decided my old phone was good enough and still worked; I didn’t need all that fancy stuff anyway. (Plus my old phone had Scrabble on it, which was a major advantage.)

Have you experienced any technological mishaps in the past 3 weeks? Now that this Mercury retrograde is over, it’s time to do damage control and pick up any broken pieces to the puzzle. I personally find Mercury retro in Aries to be kind and the least terrible or intense of any of the other retrogrades (compared to Virgo or Sagittarius) and a challenge to trust our instincts, as outlined by The Major Third of LIfe astrological philosophy.

Miscommunications are also common during this retrograde cycle, so always double-check and confirm plans and read the fine print before making any actions or decisions-you’re likely to overlook a key piece of information and show up at the doctor’s office on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

Later in the year I’ll write about Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which I believe to be the most strenuous and chaotic. For now, let’s prepare for the Venus retrograde May 15-June 27. Lots of people break up and get back together during this retrograde, but I’ll explain it in more detail in a future post.

In the meantime, get some rest and take care of your needs.

Keep it real.


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