Here’s a sample on Aries from my book Intuitive Uranian Astrology Level 1, due for e-book publication in late 2012.



Body: “I have to keep moving.”


Aries is the first Fire sign in the zodiac, and the beginning of the cycle. Its quality is cardinal, meaning it starts at one point and moves forward until it reaches its destination.

As a result, Rams are very physical by nature and enjoy physical exercise, sports, and anything that keeps the body moving. They are athletic, and show one of the few dualistic natures in the zodiac: on the one hand, they can appear as slim, athletic, or muscular; but they can also be overweight, body-conscious, or pudgy.

Most Rams will fall into the former half of this dichotomy; those who are overweight are likely to have some health or chemical imbalance that results in obesity.

The most distinctive quality of an Aries is their innocence, which is shown through their facial appearance, which will manifest as pale skin, and overall demeanor.

Aries love pleasure and so will often have tattoos, piercings, or even long hair. Of the three Fire signs, Aries is the most connected to the hippie era from the 1960s and holds on to past traditions and dress mannerisms/fashion trends. Aries love vintage clothing and want to keep such styles alive and active.

This is due to where Aries sits on the zodiac wheel: Aries is the beginning of the twelve signs, and symbolizes the beginning of spring with the Vernal Equinox or the Aries Point (More in Unit 2). This gives the Native a love for spring, living things, nature, and animals.

Think of the United States in the 1960s in terms of the music scene, parties, how people dressed, world events, and you will get a good idea of how the Aries looks.

On the other hand, Aries are quite casual and give an “Average Joe” vibe; Rams want to be comfortable, and do not enjoy dressing up unless it involves engagements that will feed their ego and provide more power or recognition.

Life Lessons: “I don’t know what I think about spirituality.”


Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they are blessed with reason and logic. Most Aries are scientific in their mindset and worldview, and so belief in a higher power, the otherworldly, or spirituality is less likely to occur.

Like all fire signs, Aries is motivated by the ego; spirituality is something they find difficult to comprehend because of the lack of physical evidence for such unknown or mysterious beliefs (not to mention the Native is not at the center of this belief system or practice).

The Ram must learn to get out of its own way and allow room for deeper meaning and purpose. They are hardworking, dedicated, successful, and powerful people, but find it difficult to slow down and appreciate life’s stillness. (This is also probably why many Aries have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.)

Someone born under Aries was probably never spiritual or religious in past lives and so their Soul decided to take on a lifetime that is focused on a greater purpose and meaning, their connection to Spirit. This is not to say that Rams are never spiritual—because they certainly can be—but they are being called to dedicate themselves to their path of higher learning and knowing.

Aries deal with a second set of lessons that revolve around the planet Saturn. Unlike in opposing Libra, where responsibility king Saturn is in exaltation, Saturn is in Fall in Aries.

This is why all Aries are workaholics and are generally relentless until their work, project, or goals are complete. Rams are usually financially successful and have great net worth; however, their jobs are cancerous and involve high levels of stress.

But the Native actually enjoys such intense work and stress—while Rams are hardworking and dedicated to a fault, their bodies give up in later years and all the health issues begin, as a means to prevent them from attempting so many things: Aries often get sick because it is their body’s response to working too much. (When Rams are ill, it is the end of the world and they are usually laid up for several weeks or months because the original condition complicates or advances.)

Aries rarely exercise a healthy balance in life and view things in a polarized light. Rams must tap into the opposing Libran energy of the Scales and find a happy medium. Most importantly, Aries desperately need vacation from life in order to be happy. However, if the Native works too much, there is unlikely to be any paid-time off for use because it has all been used up as sick leave.


There is more on this sign in the book, but you get the idea. Stay tuned for more updates!


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