The Spirituality of Gambling

My mom’s Saturn Return Phase 2 Exam ended today. We went to the casino to celebrate. I played blackjack and lost $50. I sat in an empty chair and the jerkoff sitting next to me just put down a second bet in the seat next to me. My new seat at the corner end had really bad luck but where I first sat won all the time. The Chinese lady sitting next to me was really nice, but I got out before it was too late.

Then I  went to the cashier window to get my “winnings.” I then slipped a $100 bill in the slot machine. Lost like $6, then $20, and then again in three more machines and my mom and I got lost, so I decided to play on the Wheel of Fortune slot since it had been full all night.

I kept winning and started to learn about how to play slots in a spiritual sense. It was really interesting because it’s a test of instinct and creative visualization combined. My slot machine was on fire, but I decided to quit when my intuition told me to, so I came home with double what I originally went with.

I seem to get Apollon pretty well. It’s where casinos, luck, and other synchronous things combine!

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