What if conscious minds became aware of their Soul Contracts from other lifetimes-past. parallel, and future? The world would be so much more fun-imagine watching Sarah Palin on the television but everyone knows she’s really a chef on Zeus. (Many people I’ve spoken to over the years-myself included-have reported dreams about Sarah Palin being a chef or restauranteur of some sort. The collective evidence suggests Sarah Palin was definitely a cook in a past or parallel life.)

By accomplishing this, the meaning of Life would change very much. It’d be like unlocking a new world of magic and meaning like never ezperienced before.

Probably one of the main reasons for my social avoidance is the sensory overload  when around people. Imagine that each person standing in the room around you is a life-sized copy of an enormous book. Just by opening the pages and reading the story, you’re taken away into another dimension through the Spacetime Distortion. Now in addition to sitting in your chair in the meeting room, you’re also aware of your Soul Contract with this person and feel like you’re a ghost from above watching events unfold. It’s almost like you’re the narrator-you seem to know everything going on around you but have no actual role in the story-you’re just the impartial one who watches it happen. That’s kind of how I feel on a daily basis.

Some people have issues with boundaries when it comes to emotions, weight gain, empathy overload, or dealing with energy; I don’t have a problem with any one of these areas, per se. but my issues revolves around being aware of a person’s role in my life and why that person is there. When I lived in Washington State and was close to a Poseidon line in astrocartography, it was almost too much to receive all these images of past lives and being able to intuitively understand who serves what purpose.

Could you imagine what it’d be like if everyone could do this? It expands your perceptions so much when you’re able to recognize the connection, but like if my father suddenly became aware of his existence in a parallel world, he’d know when I talk to him at the dinner table about one of his bounties (that obviously doesn’t exist in this world), he knows I’m referencing the parallel life in which he’s an assassin.

This can get even more complicated when you apply it to relationships that resonate from Beyond: if you read the “About Me” page that talks about the parallel world 201x, you’d know Wally and Davey are secret lovers and Essence Twins. In the Physical world, Wally and Davey both are attracted to women and so this type of same-sex relationship would not work. However, the two are more than aware that they are connected in some way and if they had been born into the right bodies, would have partnered for life.

If it ever came to pass that these two characters in the story awakened and their consciousness realized that they are lovers in a parallel world, the friendship in the Physical would have a totally different meaning: Now instead of falling asleep and having fun travels/dreams about Puff Daddy and auto-fellatio, Wally now unites with Davey in hyperspace and their journey tells an intricate piece of the story that cannot be explained without experiencing and remembering the otherworldly.

Integrate the planes and you’ll merge your consciousness into the Infinite Present. When you’re aware of your connections with other people, life itself is so much deeper and your interactions take on a new level of meaning, because you can better explain the source behind your relationships.

In a way, I kind of prefer how it is now. If everyone suddenly became intuitive and aware of what’s going in hyperspace, logic and reason would lose a lot of their place in society. Not only that, but the supernatural and otherworldly are best served in scarcity; if everyone could do it, people probably wouldn’t be as interested in the phenomena. While human evolution is starting to migrate in that direction, we can only embrace ourselves for where we are now, and continually augment the barriers by exercising nonjudgment, reservation, and observation in our daily lives to add a new cosmic awareness.

Be kind to yourself and you take care!


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