Space is one of the most important concepts to consider. In Uranian astrology, the Cardinal Axis, Moon’s Node, and the Meridian are the points to consider when looking at being “in the right place, at the right time.”

It would be prudent to think these three objects mean the same thing or concept. They are disparate planetoids for distinct reasons, and refer to the different facets involved when working with the abstract notion known as Space.

Scientists and metaphysicians alike recognize that space is vast, infinite. It is truly impossible to comprehend how immense space really is.

Therefore, to lump all of the physics of space into one generalization or rule would greatly discount and tarnish the millennia of research in understanding the cosmos. Similarly, this is why we must consider these three planets.

As many astrologers are aware, the Aries Axis and Meridian are the only points that are determined through equatorial coordinates. The Moon’s Node is consequently placed as a result of the intersection of the two Great Circles (the Equator and Horizon). The Cardinal Axis or Aries Point is the one thing that unites all life forms and horoscopes: it signals life, beginnings. This is also determined differently based on the House system you are using. (most, if not all, Uranian astrologers use the Meridian system. The difference is most notable with the Midheaven.)

When you begin something new, or an opportunity presents itself, the Cardinal Axis in your chart shows the area that is brought to life.  It was not until the past few centuries’ astrologers used the Cardinal Axis in Natal chart analysis, and is quite often ignored; the ancients did not use the Aries Point in Natal work, but rather in mundane work (events concerning Earth). Regardless of how it is used, the Vernal Point is a key element in any horoscope and must be considered.

The zodiac wheel is a representation of the twelve Houses or areas of life, and their corresponding planetary stations. The Aries Point at 0º Aries is the exact area where your Focus begins. The Focus will vary from person to person, but again is determined by the location of birth. This is consequently why those who work with the Michael Teachings are able to generalize sections of the world by soul age, which becomes evident when we add another Personal Point, the Meridian. For example, Australia has been said to contain a pocket of Young Souls, but not all Aussies are Young Souls by this generalization.

The Aries Axis is most closely related to the Equator in terms of a more localized space and thusly correlates with events on Earth.

The Moon’s Node(s), is calculated by the intersection of planes in the Celestial Sphere. Symmetrical astrologers use the shorthand “Node” to refer only to the North Node of the Moon and are less concerned with the Moon’s South Node, which is of great interest to Evolutionary astrologers. For the purposes of this article, I will only refer to the North Node and employ the standard shorthand.

In my work, the Node refers to where the Native’s karma will lead. In other words, it is the product of the Native’s completion of her/his Focus; if the Focus is not completed, the individual is doomed to repeat the same Focus in a lifetime that will be considerably more difficult, but the life lessons will manifest in different forms.

Moreover, the Node is the tie that binds. “Karma” must be used in a subjective way here; it is impossible to determine a person’s karmic ties without considering the other major karmic planets (Hades, Pluto, Chiron, Lilith, etc.) The Node is similar to Aries when looking at the spatial relationship, but where Aries deals with the Sun-Earth relationship, Ecliptic, and Equator, the Node shows intimate connections.

Finally, we have the Meridian. The Meridian refers to the point in Symmetrical Astrology commonly known as Midheaven in chart analysis, but specifies the place where the celestial pole passes through the mundane sphere.

The Midheaven is like the seat of the soul, like the Sun and Moon, but differs greatly in that it is one of the primary indicators of soul age. There are many contributing factors in the horoscope that would determine a soul’s advancement, but the Meridian is the most valuable clue to solving this puzzle.

In a more applicable sense, the Midheaven illustrates how the Native’s worldview, outlook, or philosophy regarding situations in life. A Virgo Midheaven will be a person whose Focus revolves primarily around relationships. (From the article, “Time,” we know the Aries Point shows a person’s Focus.) Additionally, this person’s mode will be that of perfectionism, judgment, and control, true to the Virgo archetype.

The Midheaven is easily changed through astrocartography: as one of the Personal Points determined by space, the Midheaven’s placement is a result of the location of your birth. If you look at the degree of your Midheaven, the sign will move based on whether you move east or west; north/south plays no influence here, as it is irrelevant in relation to the celestial pole. If your Midheaven is at 28 Capricorn at the place of birth, your life would be dedicated towards doing the right thing for the Collective; to obtain an Aquarius Midheaven, you would need to move east by three degrees in equatorial coordinates; the result would push your Midheaven to 1 Aquarius, and would therefore shift your mode into humanitarianism, teaching, and holistic healing. Sometimes moving forces a total paradigm shift and change in perspective; if your Natal location has a Midheaven in Libra but you then move towards a Taurus Midheaven, the result would take you from balanced to extreme measures.

The Meridian is also a potent source of personal power, or the way you use your skills and abilities in life. Since this would technically be the eye of the soul, the Midheaven is important when it comes to space.

To contextualize this information in a broader sense, we must go far and beyond Earth into the depths of hyperspace. “Hyperspace” is just a fancy word for Eternity, but refers specifically to the combination of space, time, planes, dimensions, parallelisms, and infinity. In the third piece of the series, I will combine the precepts of both Space and Time, in an appropriately titled article, “Spacetime.”

For right now, Space is infinite. The concept of a multi-dimensional space is quite abstract, which would suggest the possibility of an infinite number of worlds and spaces in which consciousness exists. When the conscious mind sleeps and Soul travels throughout the galaxies, the actual locations where those events take place exist within some deep pocket of space modern astronomers probably cannot observe, even with the most advanced technology. This inability to see into a multi-dimensional space is a byproduct of the way human beings vibrate; we are simply not equipped to see things in the 7th or 9th dimensions, even with the current multi-dimensional shift, as outlined through the Mayan calendar prophecies.

My dog Alfie (I named him after our founding father Alfred) sees the world in a completely different way than I do; this is because dogs—and animals in general—resonate at a different frequency and therefore have completely different perceptions than human beings. When a cat plays with a ball of yarn, we can never know what the cat thinks it is. The animal may think the yarn is really a tree, garbage, or even food that does not want to die. Animals of the same species can easily communicate with other, like dolphins’ echolocation ability. These are completely different worlds within space where the Native (in this case an animal) resonates. The animal may be in the same physical plane as you and I, yet its consciousness is from another world in space.

In the next article, I will explore Time, which will help to piece the puzzles in hyperspace and Uranian astrology. The most important thing of all to remember is everything happened for a reason, and your mindfulness will harvest a deep connection to observation. Be kind, rewind!

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