Time is the second piece of the equation when attempting to understand our existence in hyperspace and connection to Uranian astrology. To be “in the right place, at the right time,” the Rising plays the most important role in the space part of the statement. The timing of these events is critical, which could very easily be the difference between meeting your life partner at a convenience store, versus a mass shooting or robbery.


The other three Personal Points are defined by time; unlike their spatial counterparts (Aries Point, Rising, Moon’s Nodes) which are determined by the location of birth, the Sun, Moon, and Meridian will vary based on the exact time of birth.


An astrologer’s worst nightmare is a laborious process known as “chart rectification.” Modern astrology software eliminates much of the guess work and will rectify the chart when the birth time is unknown, undocumented, or there is no way of ever finding this piece of information. This procedure is performed through chart manipulation, based on the Native’s major life events (graduating from school, marriage, etc.). The astrologer is tasked with finding consistencies in progressed or arc directed calculations that would coincide with the Native’s life. In some cases, chart rectification is ignored; the resulting chart will be a Sunrise Chart, which uses that day’s sunrise as a birth time. This is problematic for several reasons, the most notable being the loss of an exact Ascendant, which consequently hinders the zodiac wheel’s placement and Houses. Some people, such as myself, employ unusual methods through intuition to divine an exact time. The result may not produce a 100% accurate result, but the findings will be close to what is expected and is surely better than no rectification whatsoever.


We are all familiar with the zodiac, its use, and more specifically, horoscopes. The day you were born determines the Sun’s position in the signs. If you were born March 17, you would be a Pisces Sun, just as someone born December 22 would be a Capricorn, and so on. I explain this in more detail in the first course of my Intuitive Uranian Astrology series.


Not only does the Sun rule the personality, soul, and ego, but also is the body. When you go out into the world and are walking around the downtown area of your city, all the people you see walking by look distinctly different. To a certain degree, in the Animal Kingdom this also proves to be true, but many species’ look identical and their differences unnoticeable. It is therefore obvious that people, or living things, are all unique.


In the first course of my book series, I typify the signs and the body type that is constant for their sign. For example, Cancers are petite individuals. This is not to say that every person born under Cancer will be of short stature—I have met Cancers over the years that are living towers—though it is a typology of the sign and generally proves to be true. The discrepancies for a sign’s typological body are usually found through unfavorable aspects to the Sun, but we know for a fact people change, and so it is just as easy to gain weight as it is to lose. However, some things, such as height or genetics cannot be changed unless you pay a cosmetic surgeon a lot of money.


We have often heard the expression, “Walk a mile in their shoes.” It is more than possible for Mickey Mouse to go through the same day as Garfield, perform the same tasks, eat the same things, etc., but it is impossible for Mickey to ever know what transpires in Garfield’s mind. Mickey may be able to explain to Charlie Brown his day as Garfield and what he did, but Charlie Brown can never really comprehend what it was like to be Garfield, even though Mickey just illustrated his day in graphic detail. Charlie Brown might get it, but his ideas are a lesser version of what Mickey actually experienced, though even this is a bastardized take on what Garfield really goes through. The movie Being john Malkovich is an extreme and unusual case; to be in a person’s headspace and see things as the Native is something that is more than possible in hyperspace or the course of this movie, but never something human beings are capable of at this exact moment in time.


Nevertheless, the Sun is a major Personal Point determined by time, and the dates are stationary: all people born August 2 on the Gregorian Calendar will be under the Sun in Leo. However, the Moon’s cycles vary from year to year, and so a soul born August 2, 1890 will have a different Moon sign than a soul born August 2, 1891. This lunation is also why the Christian holiday of Easter varies by year.


The Moon is our baseline connection to the Psychic Plane. Other planets, such as Hades, Kronos, and Lilith have “Super-Moon” qualities, but vary in their use and connection to hyperspace. In the next article, Spacetime, I will explore this in greater depth.


In Western culture, the Sun is viewed as exalted and revered, but the Moon continues to remain a mystery, shrouded in darkness with a silvery glow, and is yet one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted planets in astrology; it is a byproduct of living in technologized societies dominated by men. In the Eastern world, it is the opposite; the Sun is viewed as malefic, evil, and highly egocentric; the Moon assumes the meaning of the Sun in the Western world, and vice-versa. This is also a critical defining point between Western and Eastern astrological models, particularly in Vedic astrology.


We still continue to use the traditional archetypes, symbology, and interpretations of the Moon, such as the mother figure, instinct, and emotions. The Moon plays an important role in the personality, just as the Sun, but the Moon governs the Native’s response to a situation, whereas the Sun deals with the ego.


How we respond is individualistic, but the collective will behave as one might expect. A Libra Moon will be a person who reacts with kindness and love, just like a Pisces Moon’s reaction is to avoid through escapism. Not everyone with a Scorpio Moon will respond with silence or volatile actions, though the premise is the same across the board and the Native will fall somewhere on the continuum that is standard for the sign.


The Sun-Moon cycles are also ruled by time, like we see in the sky—it rises at a certain time, then sets. The Sun is considered a primary timer when examining the exact degree or day of an event, while the Moon is secondary and refers to the events in the course of a day or specific hour.



The final point we must examine when it comes to Space in astrology is the Ascendant or Rising. This is the last Personal Point that is determined by equatorial coordinates. The place of birth is directly related to the Rising, because the zenith’s location on the Horizon will vary based on your location on the globe. A soul born at 12:00 midnight in Paris will have a different Ascendant than someone born at the same time in Rio de Janeiro. Obviously, the astronomer will view different planetary positions on the Ecliptic from different points of observation. (This is also one of the key distinguishing factors between Heliocentric or Geocentric astrology and Tropical or Sidereal zodiac.)


It seems logical to think the Rising is related to Time far more than Space or locale, since the exact time of birth is how astrologers begin to calculate the Rising; moreover, there exists no universal sunrise, or at the exact same time every day of the year. However, space plays much more of a role because of the position on the Horizon.


One of the major complaints about newspaper horoscopes is their inaccuracy to the individual. For example, you are a Pisces Sun and read a Pisces horoscope yet it makes absolutely no sense; chances are if you were to read the horoscope for your Rising sign, it would make a lot more sense. (Vedic astrologers would tell you to read the horoscope for your Moon sign.) There are many contributing factors for such discrepancies, such as other signs with major planetary clusters or configurations.


Another approach to the Rising is the “mask” that holds you back from being your authentic Sun personality. Recent experience has led me to believe the Ascendant is also indicative of soul families, but in a different way than with Hades or the 4th House. The Ascendant is heavily manipulated and studied in Synastry (relationship astrology); the degree of the Rising provides clues to the year in which the Native would begin a major life partnership.


The most poignant interpretation of the Rising involves location. At the beginning of this article, I mentioned being “in the right place, at the right time.” The Ascendant is the exact astrological equivalent of this statement, or at least in reference to the spatial part of the equation. The next article on Time will explore the influences that contribute to this equation’s completion. Since your Rising is determined by location, intuitive logic would suggest the Rising is a subset of the time component in astrology.


Did someone mention Planetary Hours?


In the next piece, we will see what happens when Space and Time collide in Spacetime.

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