Spacetime, as the name might suggest, is the combination of space and time, in addition to the culmination of all the Personal Points.

At this point in the discussion, we have the tools necessary to go far and beyond Earth and play in hyperspace. In spacetime, we explore the ideas behind a multi-dimensional universe (or what I call multiverse) in order to lay the groundwork for future discussions on Timelines and Hyperspace.

There are many spacetimes in hyperspace, if not infinite. Spacetime, in quantum physics, is an abstract model of space (through the x-, y-, and z-axes, in addition to the intersecting spiral/plane of time), and any one point along the coordinate system will incorporate both the exact point in space and appropriate time. In the next article, Timelines, you will gain a clearer understanding of how spacetime plays an essential role.

Whenever we travel to another plane or world of existence, two things must occur: 1) the conscious mind must be completely shut off through trance meditation, sleep, or hypnosis; and 2) our vibration accelerates past the speed of sound to create a disconnect from the body and connection to the cosmos.

Spacetime is also one of the key factors for shaping a framework that would suggest and support the possibility of multiple dimensions. It is said dimensions shift by odd numbers, from the 3rd to the 5th, 7th, etc. At the 13th Dimension, we find Archangel Metatron, in addition to the other Archangels like Michael, Gabriel, etc. At this point in history, the highest dimension a living being has reached is the 11th. The Ascended Masters reside at the 9th-dimensions and above. It is not entirely clear whether anything vibrates beyond the 13th, though our current philosophy of infinite possibilities would seem to indicate so.

We are all familiar with the 3rd dimension, or the depth/perspective added to a drawing on a piece of paper. We are all familiar with two-dimensional art, like older cartoons, paintings, or artwork. The Mayan Calendar prophecies suggest a total shift in consciousness, from a three-dimensional world to five. Think about the Europeans and their anxiety towards sailing across an ocean, which would mean falling off the Earth; the previous model would show the Old World saw the planet as flat. We obviously know this not to be true, or else our maps would not be as they are today.

Why did the Ancients believe the world was flat? We are simply not capable of seeing that which we do not understand: if you remember the story of Christopher Columbus, the indigenous peoples who stood at the shore as the boat came to dock were totally unable to comprehend the ship because they had never seen one before, but knew something was going on because of the ripples in the waters, which they were familiar with.

To modernize this multi-dimensional shift, modern physicists know that the fourth-dimension is Time, and the fifth- Gravity. Beyond that, everything remains a mystery since human beings are not equipped to perceive past the fifth-dimension, though surely a particle accelerator, atom smasher, electroscope, or some other expensive piece of scientific equipment may get close, though humans still are unable to physically see past the 5th.

Spacetime is where we step past the mundane and look into the possibilities of the past, present, and future. Over the course of the past decade, one of the fields gaining considerably rapid interest is past lives. Ten to twenty years ago, this was never really something you heard as a common table topic in metaphysics, but now is a standard and is being applied to the divinatory tools, like my work with Uranian Astrology, what some Esoteric Astrologers call Pre-Natal Astrology, the Tarot, and most notably a long-list of oracle cards themed around past-life exploration. You will even find past-life regression practitioners and self-hypnosis tapes throughout many parts of the Internet.

The fifth-dimension is our gateway connection to the etheric worlds, where we begin to see figures and silhouettes of people and spirits that have crossed over. Many are having similar experiences of looking across the street, seeing a person clear as day, and then in a blink of an eye, they disappear. Clinical psychology would diagnose this as schizophrenia, regardless of how benefic or malignant the “hallucination” is. In fact, this is the Mayan Calendar at work, and those screwloose doctors are probably going through the exact same thing, but would never admit so—wouldn’t that be crazy, in addition to the blind leading the blind?

The most powerful and life-changing experience is any form of Angelic Intervention, or anything of like. For those unfamiliar with what that entails, it is when we are in hour darkest hour, extreme peril or danger, or any other situation when we need help where it cannot be given physically. It is almost like a sci-fi movie or graphic novel about a being watching from up above who chooses to incarnate for a brief period of time and help someone in need. This is like when a stroller-full of children is about to be struck by an oncoming semi-truck and some totally random person risks their life to jump in front and push the family out of the way. When the parents to go thank the person, s/he disappears, and is never seen again, much less by anyone else.

Several years ago, I was sitting in the cafeteria at school and had a terrible morning—I woke up late, didn’t have time to shower, was completely exhausted, forgot my homework, and was failing everything. Nothing could have seemed to go worse. And did it ever! I then dumped my glass of water all over my phone and completely ruined it. The problem wasn’t having to pay for a new phone—I hated that piece of junk known as the Motorola Q, which was really one of the first attempts at a smart phone, but an epic fail—this was the icing on the cake and I was ready to go home. I think I may have even cried because I was without a five hundred dollar phone for a few days. I walked over to ask the cashier if there was a rag available to wipe up the water on the table, but the line was long so I turned around, and I saw an old man with white hair cleaning up the mess. I smiled with gratitude, since this was the best thing to happen that day, then 90-seconds later he vanished with the blink of an eye—I never even got to thank him, and I was in tears for the next few hours because I didn’t understand how that happened. I never made it to the class I woke up late for. I also contemplated admitting myself to the psychiatric hospital because there was no explanation for what I experienced except for my doctors’ psychotic episode/hallucinatory definitions.

I started the shift in consciousness about five years ago and quickly learned to adapt in order to help others transition. Souls who are deeply rooted in reason, logic, or religion seem to be the slowest at making the transition. Astrologically, this would be the Earth triad known as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

In a previous post titled Awareness, I contemplated the possibility of how the world would change if human beings woke up one day and suddenly became aware of their lifetimes in hyperspace from the past, parallel, and future—in addition to the present. When I originally wrote that piece, I could only wonder it might be like, but knew it would take time, if it were even possible. Today, it is more of a reality than even a few months ago—I have received more looks in the past month from perfect strangers passing by that recognize the connection in hyperspace than ever before. The acknowledgement stems from a deep unconscious awakening and is realized through intuition or glimpses into another dimension. I have yet to hear someone say, “Didn’t we meet in another world or lifetime?” I would probably end up dating that person because that is never a line I have heard before and something that would catch my interest instantaneously.

Spacetime is an apical point in Uranian Astrology—especially in the next installment of the series when we use multi-dimensional philosophies to deconstruct the timelines and navigate the Uranian worlds.

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