Timelines are the culmination of space, time, and spacetime. Kronos and Poseidon are two of the key roles in the Timeline, since Kronos is time and Poseidon hyperspace. Before Uranian Astrology was brought to the United States, the Brits originally spelt Kronos as ‘Chronos,’ which would bear similarity to its Greek root ­chrono-, meaning time. The use of -k in the American spelling is a derivation from its original German, much like the –k in Vulkanus, which also bears resemblance to the English for ‘volcano.’

Archetypally, we have known Chronos to be ‘Father Time,’ but its traditional interpretation in Uranian Astrology shows no connection to this symbology. Kronos is viewed as the apex, apogee, best of the best, or maximum potential. It is also related to positions of high authority, particularly in the political application. A Sun-Kronos conjunction would show someone who is inclined to Presidential power, flight, tornados, the Air element, high leadership, or public authority and notoriety. Like all the Uranian planets, Kronos is slower-moving and consequently will cause myriads of souls to be born with this aspect. Does that mean you will become President, just like a Hades-Sun conjunction results in disability?

If everyone born with Kronos-Conjunct-Sun were to run for President, the world would have a sudden overflow of candidates and the politics an absolute nightmare. Sun-Kronos is most well known for the Presidency, though it is just as easily relatable for lesser positions of authority, such as Congress, City Council, Student Body Secretary, etc. It may also even refer to a bona fide expert in a given profession, such as a well-respected scholar, scientist, or researcher. Negatively, Kronos-Opposite-Mercury could range from dirty cops to power-hungry officials who abuse authority.

Beyond these definitions, Kronos is an important player when navigating your personal hyperspace, since it is the spiritual plane, where all of consciousness pulsates on the etheric. In an American Indian legend on religion and consciousness, we are described as infinite gold strings, dangling from the ceiling, but are connected at the top of the space.

Imagine an invisible pane of glass floating in space that you are standing on. When you look into the deep abyss below you, there is a gold cord that connects to your body, in whatever world or dimension that may be. While you walk around the pane of glass to look for anything exciting, you notice white puffs of energy evaporating into the surrounding environment—like a hot spring. You become enveloped in a cloud of etheric matter and have no idea what direction you are moving, or even if you will fall of the pane of glass—the cloud becomes so thick you cannot even see your hand in front of you.

At a certain point, you fall of the glass and are sucked into a gigantic vortex: the pull is so strong there is no hope of getting out whatsoever—Is this what they call a black hole?, you wonder. In fact, you are now lost in the vacuum of time and the spiraling vortex that encompasses you begins to project images of clocks, times, and dates in your mind. It is unclear whether you are in the past, present, or future.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, you’re ejected from the vacuum of time and thrown on the ground of a place that looks oddly familiar to you, but nothing is as you quite remembered. You wake up in your bedroom in this new place, but the layout is opposite of how you have it in your bedroom at home. You recognize people, but they have no clue who you are, much less any idea where you came from. This all feels like a bad dream, some crazy science-fiction movie that needs to end.

This type of cosmic travel is only possible when the conscious mind goes to sleep but you have discovered an alternate timeline that parallels Earth.

Many consciousness researchers recommend the importance of a dream journal to record these visits, but I know for a fact I have never kept one in my whole life, I remember things in explicit detail, and I can easily access those experiences in my mind. While some people say keeping a dream journal is a great way to notice commonalities and trends that occur during sleep, and this is true, but I have never kept one because I usually oversleep, am running late in the morning, and do not have the time to write these things down. Instead, I set my intent before falling asleep in a nightly cleansing ritual and ask that I remember my travels when I awake. It takes practice, but it works!

Now that you’ve unlocked the parallel timeline, you will begin to explore this new world in a completely different way. It is when we are most likely to do things that will result in déjà vu in the Physical Plane. But as you continue to dream and travel, you will begin to notice there are multiple parallel timelines where things occur, and the story in each world will differ vastly.

Timelines often parallel locations we are familiar with. In my case, parallel worlds exist near Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Guanajuato Mexico. None of these places in the parallel look like what I know from Earth, but are strikingly close. For example, the concierge desk at the Riviera Las Vegas on Earth is actually the teacher’s station at the Gaia Healing Institute on the parallel. The baggage claim at Sea-Tac and McCarran International Airports are malls in another world.  Timelines will pop up in the parallel but are only created from experiences in the Physical.

We know that dreams are the portal to hyperspace, where time, space, timelines, and chaos collide. Sometimes we have dreams that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, like buying pizza from zombie cheerleaders to raise money for AIDS, homeless people taking magic lessons inside a deserted factory, or running away from renegade obstetricians with chainsaws. Who’s to say zombie cheerleaders aren’t real, or obstetricians who go AWOL could never happen? In hyperspace, there are infinite possibilities.

It is impossible to quantify the number of lifetimes any one soul has experienced, because infinity is a number that mystifies even the greatest stretches of the imagination. Similarly, we must reject the notion of linear time, as it is completely inapplicable in this context.

In order to apply the concept of timelines appropriately, imagine the invisible planes stacked on each other stretching towards Eternity, in every direction possible, in a multidimensional space—feel free to put space in between them, but it really makes no difference, since they are ultimately compressed by spacetime. It may make more sense to visualize this if you were to draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper, which would represent Earth, then intersect lines from all directions. Ignore the left- and right-hand sides of the page and leave them blank. Make dots above each line.

Every line you just drew represents an individual plane of existence. The dots represent the various worlds, spaces, or cities you may visit whilst traveling the plane. If you continue upward, there are even more planes and worlds to visit…all the way to Infinity. There really is no clear distinction where the lines may blur, merge, or separate—they exist as a collective unit. These infinite planes and worlds are known as one world, Gaia, which encompasses the multitude of timelines and spaces.

If we use this analogy to illustrate the concept of past lives, where dot represents a lifetime and plane timeline, they still remain stacked on the piece of paper, with the Earth in the center, showing how this all exists simultaneously. Linear time was created as a result of the Gregorian calendar and humans’ desire to document history and organize society. What transpired in past lives was by the organizational tool known as linear time, but is actually happening right now. The disparate timelines from each plane do reflect a linear time that human beings are incapable of understanding, but make total sense in hyperspace. Each world measures time in a different manner, but its linearity only pertains to its plane of origin. The simultaneous nature of time is represented through the vortex, vacuum or spiral.

Poseidon is the final piece to the timeline puzzle and it directly means hyperspace. You can read in other articles how Poseidon is traditionally defined, but in the case of timelines, it is where everything compresses into one multiverse. Consider going on a cruise—all you can see for miles is water. The ocean does not span forever—you will eventually hit land—but can be terrifyingly gigantic. When all the worlds compress in hyperspace, they will stretch out into Eternity, like how dough spreads when you roll it. Everything that happens on the timeline takes place in an unknown pocket of space modern astronomers are unable to view because of hyperdimensionality. When you go on a travel that makes absolutely no sense, this is when otherworldly visitors decide to cross planetary lines and see what’s going on. These visitors are only there temporarily and do not live there permanently; you will likely see them once or twice, then probably never again. When we have dreams about family members who we have never dreamt about before, their consciousness has bled into another plane of existence and they are able to visit. A similar concept can be applied when having astral visits from departed loved ones.

Timelines are an infinite concept and will therefore undeniably intersect at any unknown point. This is how dreams about going to church involve a mysterious assassin who lurks near the sandwich machine in the back. Inevitably, these timelines will affect your presence on Earth in some manner, no matter how great or small. Space is Infinity, Time is Simultaneous, Spacetime is Eternity, and Timelines Endless. In the next and final installment of this series, we will look into the void of Chaos and how it affects our model of the multiverse and Uranian Astrology.

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