The final considerable notion in hyperspace, Chaos, is a brief one. Where Space and Time relate to the Personal Points, Spacetime to hyperdimensionality and a multiversal existence, Timelines to Hades, Apollon, Kronos and Poseidon, Chaos is the total opposite.


In my last post on Timelines, I left out a few critical points that play into the overall concepts at hand: here we will explore them before proceeding to the next theme, Chaos.


Timelines will continue the story viewed in that world, therefore creating sequential events with massive gaps of linear time in between. On one timeline, you may encounter a major life partner, who you later marry in the next travel, but do not ever see the courting or dating phase of the relationship. In a subsequent visit, you have children with this partner, and then see your mundane life as experienced on that plane. It is rare we return to the same world night after night and continue living in that exact state of consciousness. It is possible to do so through spacetime manipulation, but you are much more likely to visit another timeline before returning to the first one; on the other hand, you may also return to the timeline of origin, but do not remember your travels.


When I described you standing on a piece of glass in the middle of the cosmos and looking down, you are viewing into the enormous vortex known as Hades, which rules the past, antiquities, and is the portal to the dream state where timelines become possible.


When you dream and are on any timeline, you may find yourself wandering off into another part of the spacetime you visit, or simply get lost and forget where you are going; the next thing you know, there is an overwhelmingly giant sense of craziness that surrounds you, as you are not entirely sure how the characters in your dream suddenly changed, the environs different, or where any of the original world disappeared. This is known as Apollon. Traditionally, Apollon is associated with wealth, abundance, fertility, in addition to many other qualities, but for the purposes of this article correlates with consciousness expansion and what happens when the timelines intersect in hyperspace. One moment, you are walking to the rocket belt depot downtown, then magically end up inside a restaurant at a 5-star resort, on a date with someone you have never met before. Several timelines just intersected, crossed paths, and now you are forced with the choice of which to follow, though the choice is always instinctual, unless you are lucid dreaming. Timelines can only intersect when voyage or travel is involved.


Chaos is the opposite of utopia, and reflects a space where time stands completely still, it never moves forward, or backward; there is no physical aging involved like on Earth. To a degree, Chaos exists within all of hyperspace, or else it would become nearly impossible to recognize the players in your travels, were it not for intuition.


There is no birth or death, good or evil, black or white, or any dichotomized scaling when Chaos is involved. All is, well, chaos, unpredictable, yet stagnant.


Unlike Cupido, which is the eternal flow of consciousness in hyperspace, Admetos is the complete halt of movement, true to its interpretation in Uranian Astrology.  Chaos is only a small piece of the equation when deconstructing hyperspace in this manner, because pure and total unobstructed chaos would result in irreversible uniformity. It would then behoove us to travel the timelines and navigate the personal hyperspace, since there would be nearly any meaning to such experiences.


The total stop of Universal Flow is one piece of the chaos definition, which is also known as Oblivion, the opposite of Eternity, and is similar to what many would equivocate with their ideas about Hell, as described in the Christian Bible. Oblivion is where all actions end in futility, there is no up or down, only grey. Everything is the same and never changes, no matter how hard you try.


On the other end of the spectrum, Chaos is an integral part to explaining why our actions in hyperspace result the way they do: Cupido is the flow, Admetos the stop, and Zeus the entropy needed to keep the flow in perpetual motion; without Zeus, it is impossible to do anything in hyperspace. Our unexplained actions that take place on the parallel planes are ruled by chaos in the sense one might normally expect: they can turn in an infinite number of directions, through space, time, spacetime, and timelines. Zeus is highly instinctual by nature and only leads you to the places in your consciousness you: 1) need to see; and 2) are ready to see. You will never do things that you are unprepared for, unless you specifically asked for those things to take place.


In the Physical world, order cannot exist without chaos, just as Eternity cannot exist without Oblivion in hyperspace. This is a short, minor point to the puzzle, yet an important key in understanding why we do the things we do. Chaos is pure instinct and no logic or reason. Look at the casino game roulette—it is truly impossible to mathematically predict the next million spins of the wheel even though we can come close; unless mathematicians have some contraption to see into the instinctual nature of an inanimate object, we will never know its true nature, though our intuition can come strikingly close to the mathematical odds: all it takes is an ability to become the ball, view into infrared, have tremendous amounts of luck, and the wheel a forgiving tilt. In future trips to Vegas, I plan to explore these possibilities to their fullest. In the meantime, these five pieces are what you need to know when deconstructing the personal hyperspace.


Happy travels!

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