The Art of Asking Questions

The most important notion in Horary Astrology is the question you ask. It has to be worded perfectly, or the astrologer is unable to give an insightful answer.

Anyone with an intermediate knowledge of astrology can answer questions to determine whether or not something is advisable, or how it’s going to play out. I should clarify and say your answer may not be accurate to the situation, which is often the result of the astrologer ‘s inability to interpret the Horary chart in relation to other factors. Like with any calculation or technique, a single chart is never sufficient information to derive any sort of answer; you have to integrate information from multiple sources.

I believe this can be expanded not only for just astrology, but life in general. Here are some helpful tips for when you get a reading:

1. Don’t heckle.

It’s probably a bad idea to waste my time and ask me when your first child was born, or the first language you spoke growing up. While Uranian Astrology can deduce precise dates such as childbirth, you’re going to end up paying me a LOT more money to do this type of work. I’m just going to tell you to add another $4,000 of reading credits (no, I don’t really charge this), but others in the business might try and guess using their psychic senses.

Worse yet, if you’re going to be a total dumbass and heckle someone by asking your nationality, it’s only a matter of time before you get dropped as a client, or anger the professional because you’re not taking the work seriously.

2. Be precise.

Horary Astrology concerns itself with the nature of your question, so it needs to be exact. If you’re going to ask me about when you’re going to get married, why are you asking me this? Is it for security? Is it about money? If it’s to marry rich so you can get away from your evil stepmother, I’m going to suggest you need counseling and end the session. Sorry, no refunds!

I get a lot of questions about relocation, but it’s always important to know the reason for moving. What are your goals? If it’s for retirement, what type of retirement do you seek? A happy one, a wealthy one, peaceful…? The list goes on.

3. Don’t ask about planetary retrogrades.

There’s a gigantic untapped (and unethical) market in advising people about planetary retrogrades. I’m frequently asked when Mercury or Venus is in retrograde. To a certain extent, I can understand why people want to know this. This disaster duo has the greatest effect on our daily lives, but not many are concerned about other retrogrades like Mars, Jupiter, or Neptune.

My teacher told me to avoid paying attention to outer planetary retrogrades because every year becomes too fucking depressing and grim, because every day on the calendar turns into a wipeout.

If you’re overly concerned about the next Mercury retrograde because it always brings tragedy and total atrocity into your life, I have one single piece of advice that always works: Cut out the bullshit. There’s a 100% chance you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, so you need to do a major overhaul and some serious purging. Don’t pick up your phone for a week, spend some quality time with yourself, and, for the love of God, please stop the chain letter Facebook posts. Do you recognize the co-dependently toxic energy those posts spew out?

Yes, planetary retrogrades serve to shake things up, but if you dread every single one of them and always want to know when they are, you’re definitely doing something wrong. They won’t ever stop going into retrograde–even after you die–so I’m leaning more toward you need an intervention from yourself and all the toxic shit around you.

4. Keep the focus on yourself.

If you’re going to pay me my consulting fees to gain insight into your issues, it’s unwise to ask about someone other than yourself. If you want to play the lovesick client and continue to ask me for chart impressions for people you’re talking to via online dating, I’m happy to take your money, but the reality is you should be spending that money to go out in the real world and meet people with (presumably) more substance.

People like parents, children, etc. have a way of coming up in the chart on their own, so I wouldn’t worry too much to inquire about a reading for your newborn son or daughter.

5. We’re not God.

Astrologers are not God. It’s impossible to supersede the powers of our Supreme Intelligence. So don’t ask me stupid shit like when you should conceive your next child, when to take out a two-million dollar life insurance policy that will pay out after just one month of premiums, or when to play the lottery.

Be leery of anyone who attempts to sell you information based on gambling such as lottery, slot machines, or other gambling jackpots. There’s a 100% guarantee you’re throwing money away because the information is inaccurate. Don’t you think if I knew how to calculate a winning time to buy a lottery ticket, I’d be charging a shitload of money? I’d never have to work with more than four clients in a year because I’d be so filthy rich from making people into millionaires.

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