Show me the Real Truth!

The most important notion in Uranian Astrology is the question you ask. It has to be worded perfectly, or the astrologer is unable to give an insightful answer.

Anyone with an intermediate knowledge of astrology can answer questions to determine whether or not something is advisable, or how it’s going to play out. I should clarify and say your answer may not be accurate to the situation, which is often the result of the astrologer’s inability to interpret the chart in relation to other factors. Like with any calculation or technique, a single chart is never sufficient information to derive any sort of answer; you have to integrate information from multiple sources.

Part of what makes Uranian so powerful is its ability to uncover the root psychological reasoning for the question itself. This is handled most frequently by “asking the chart a question,” which then reveals all the relevant planetary symmetries that relate to the Native and her/his question.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I asked, “So…when am I going to get some hot cha-cha?” (“Hot cha-cha” is another way of saying sex. Don’t ask, ok?)

By asking my chart the question and studying the relevant axis points, it becomes painfully obvious that the real question isn’t about getting laid, hiring sex workers, or going on trips of self-indulgent debauchery in Vegas, it’s about my desire to really connect with others intimately in a non-sexual manner. I think that’s what they call friendship?

Without going into a disastrously long story about my primarily solitary lifestyle, it’s absolutely true that I would prefer to hang out with someone and shoot the shirt or wreck some benches online in a rousing game of Mario Kart 8.

I believe this can be expanded not only for just astrology, but life in general.

One of my favorite self-help books is called Why You’re Stuck. I say it’s my favorite because I read about 60 pages and did the exercises the author suggests. (I normally read five pages, get bored, and do the exercises in my mind.) I never finished the book, but it can all be summarized with one simple phrase:

“Show me the real truth.”

This has been a long-running private joke for many years in my life, and it’s all thanks to my dad because his English skills are poor, and he doesn’t seem to get that there’s no such thing as “the real truth;” there’s only the truth.

Or is there???

Upon further consideration, I realized that beneath every truth is the real truth. Show me.

One of my hobbies is screenwriting for television, and I’ve got a few original Pilots under my belt, but thinking logically for storytelling doesn’t come as easily as you might think, especially when my ideas are naturally outrageous and crazy, so when I get stuck on something that doesn’t seem to move forward, I start by breaking down the character actions and plot in such a way that gets me to find the root of whatever I’m working on.

Astrological questions should do the same thing: It’s not about the lack of time (because everyone is so busy, right?), so what’s the root cause that leads to the lack of time management? Is it family? Is it lack of money? The list goes on, and so does my analysis in order to figure out why something’s being triggered and in what ways. There are usually multiple axis points that are active.

In any event, here are some helpful tips for when you get a reading to show me the real truth—

1. Don’t heckle.

It’s probably a bad idea to waste my time and ask me the first language you spoke growing up. Worse yet, if you’re going to be a total idiot and heckle someone by asking your nationality, it’s only a matter of time before you get dropped as a client, or anger the professional because you’re not taking the work seriously.

For the best experience possible, avoid questions that don’t make any sense, as in they’re filled with typos, unintelligible text (non-human language), or my favorite ones that deal with when Planet X is going to come and destroy the human race. Just…no.

2. Be precise.

Uranian Astrology concerns itself with the nature of your question, so it needs to be exact. If you’re going to ask me about when you’re going to get married, why are you asking me this? Is it for security? Is it about money? If it’s to marry rich so you can get away from your evil stepmother, I’m going to suggest you need counseling and end the session. Sorry, no refunds!

I get a lot of questions about relocation, but it’s always important to know the reason for moving. What are your goals? If it’s for retirement, what type of retirement do you seek? A happy one, a wealthy one, peaceful…? The list goes on.

3. Ask about your potential within reason

This is secondary to Number One (Don’t heckle), but avoid asking about things that are such a long-stretch of the imagination that they could never happen. For example, if you’re a teacher, it’s egregious to ask about quitting your job to become a professional dog walker or dishwasher at Jean Georges (unless you’re genuinely serious about it, in which case I’d look more deeply about those types of potentials). But really, do you want to waste your precious email readings on insanity that’s unlikely to come true? If you’re a lottery winner, I’ll let you know upfront. And I’ll happily accept a 15% rake/tip!

4. Keep the focus on yourself.

If you’re going to pay me my consulting fees to gain insight into your issues, it’s unwise to ask about someone other than yourself. If you want to play the lovesick client and order batch chart impressions for the 9 people you’re talking to on OK Cupid, Tinder, etc., I’m happy to take your money, but the reality is the odds of getting an accurate birth time from the scammer in Swaziland are pretty low. Haven’t you seen all those shows on Dr. Phil about catfishing?

People like parents, children, etc. have a way of coming up in the chart on their own, but while your chart isn’t going to tell me if your husband’s having an affair, his actions will play a part in your chart, though not as clearly.

5. We’re not God.

Astrologers are not God. It’s impossible to supersede the powers of our Supreme Intelligence. So don’t ask me stupid shirt like when you should conceive your next child, when to take out a two-million dollar life insurance policy in an attempt to defraud the life insurance company, or when to play the lottery so you only have to buy one ticket. The only instance when a birth time to the second is ever required is for In-Vitro work, so keep that in mind.

While Uranian Astrology can be used to determine when a lost object may be found, your chart isn’t going to say if you accidentally threw it away, put it in your purse, the list goes on. You need a psychic for that kind of thing—Astrologers concern themselves with life planning based on potential, not at which bar you left your Versace sunglasses.

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