Venus Retrograde 2018

I don’t get why so many people who know anything about Astrology are so panicky when they hear the word Retrograde”—It’s like a bad word or curse. Like nothing’s in your control, best to prepare for imminent disasters.

Before we go any further, it’s probably best to take a moment to explore what happens in a retrograde.

Now, if you’re like me, you really probably don’t care what I have to say about how “retrograde” means backwards motion, so I completely get it. Let’s cut past all the boring explanation, and you probably aren’t reading this part here, anyway.

Maybe in the next life, little guy.

One of the interesting facts about Venus Retrograde (which I may reference as VRx) is that it lasts forty days and forty nights. If you think about it, that coincides with the Biblical writings about Moses and his time in the desert, and it kind of makes you wonder if that all happened during Venus Retrograde.

We should all have at least felt changes in certain areas of life, because the pre-shadow started on September 2. It’s like we know something’s coming up around the corner, but we don’t know what.

At the time of this writing, we’re sort of at the midpoint of its pre-shadow and the actual retrograde. Generally speaking, I’d sum up my feelings on VRx something like:


#Admetos #VenusRetrograde2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 7.20.23 AM.png

You’ll also notice Neptune up on one of the 11.25º dots. Vulkanus, Moon, and Jupiter also contact the axis indirectly by minor aspect.

None of the above really bodes well for VRx, since Venus is our planet of love, but when Neptune’s involved, the landscape gets cloudy, causing us to lose our way, and/or seeing things unclearly. Neptune is a key planet when misunderstandings are involved, and that can often lead to breakups.

One of my favorite parts about Venus Retrograde is how social media starts to get really…interesting. I recently saw a post from someone I follow bitching about how their boyfriend is a liar and a cheat so she’s breaking up and never talking to him again, only to post hours later how much they’re in love and can’t live without the other.

It just makes you wonder why people are crazy…


I don’t think it’s so much that people are crazy, because we’ve all heard the various sayings about how love makes you do crazy things like rob a bank. When our planet of love is going backwards, we feel a lot of friction and see different angles on all aspects of our interpersonal relationships.

1. This is a good time to re-frame relationships.

For the most part, the relationship I have with my dad isn’t great. It’s as good as it’s going to get, but is still pretty far from the type of father-son bonding I’ve fantasized about since I was a little boy.

I had this great idea the other day to take him to a local craft brewing company, just to have the experience of trying different craft beers and sampling the pub food. Neither of us has ever done this, and so long as we’re both willing to go in with an open mind—and I have extra money to bribe the waitstaff for outstanding service—which is just the sort of thing that adds new dimension to a relationship. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a good time?

If you’re feeling stressed about someone you’ve had a difficult connection with, now is the time that you’ll see things for how they are, so use the current planetary energies and weather to elevate your consciousness to the next level, leaving the emotional junk and confusion behind you.

2. You’ll reconnect with people from your past.

It’s a near guarantee that somebody from your distant past will make contact with you, or you’ll find yourself peculiarly interested in meeting up with extended family members you know almost nothing about.

The past is the past, buddy.

Keep in mind Jupiter is transiting through dark, mysterious Scorpio right now, so the energies surrounding money and fun carry a lot more shadow, leading us to choose isolation and sadness over superseding the current situation.

The unfortunate thing about Jupiter in Scorpio is that it’s hell for freelancers like me, because prospective clients spend their funds to mitigate damage from a bad situation, enable the freeloaders in their lives, or get stuck in planning for the inevitable rainy day that’s self-prophesied.

Since crazy is everywhere, freelancers like me also get business from others who are in the process of figuring out what to do when life is in a total state of chaos. I consider myself an expert in dealing with Hades energy, so that gives me an edge as an astrologer.

3. There’s malice everywhere.

The majority of people are good, contrary to all the trainwreck media circus we’re watching in Washington DC.

Yes, we all have our issues, but they’re highlighted in ways to really get our attention. If you’re bad with money, you’ll experience unexpected financial turmoil, and it’s all designed to make sure you’re on the right track toward self-sufficiency and -empowerment.

It’s a bad idea for me to have access to money on plastic—I end up swiping my bank card way more than I had ever expected, and it’s usually to buy things I don’t need, like going to restaurants, rage pulls in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, or whatever catches my eye on Amazon. Being a Gemini doesn’t help, because it really gives life to the adage, “Champagne taste on a beer budget.”

Since I know this about myself, I make it a point to deal almost exclusively in cash, and it works pretty well. I buy an absurd amount of gift cards so I can buy stuff online; you’d wonder why I couldn’t just keep the money in my account and pay that way, but that’s not how I’m wired.

Many people are crumbling during VRx due to all their interpersonal relationships being so strained, so you’re likely to find that others are unnecessarily mean, or try to get you involved with some type of gossip or blackmail in the workplace. Don’t get involved.

“I don’t hate you because you’re fat. I hate you because you’re you.”

Their reasons for being upset are everything personal, but you should take it as an opportunity to prod and see how they’re really feeling. If you can avoid a full day of not being somebody’s punching bag, you’re way ahead of the crowd. Maybe you should become a therapist.

4. Don’t get married.

It wouldn’t at all surprise me if Justin Bieber decided to get married under this transit, because that’s the kind of media circus he likes. Getting married in VRx often leads to reckless decisions and choices, like going straight to the JP to declare your vows, forgetting to take care of any legal issues like signing a prenup. Justin Bieber would likely get married and have no protections on his fortune, and would rather have the courts and media sort out his mess, but things would be a lot easier if he just waited until things get better.

If you move the pointer to the midpoint of Hades/Kronos, it’s also possible to see Venus contacting the Hades/Kronos axis indirectly by Trine. I’ve always defined Hades/Kronos as a midpoint that’s like a karmic clearing, or release of tense energies like curses, so this Venus Rx will create some new-found realization about your interpersonal relationships.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.43.28 PM.png

Witte defines the above picture as a sensitive point for aid or help from superiors, particularly those of governmental influence. Alternatively, if you work in the sex industry, this is a sensitive point defined by being a leader in that domain.

I don’t mean you should go out and start a sex trafficking gig, but if you’re going to be a prostitute, make sextra sure that the services offered are far above and beyond that your competitors offer. Maybe this is a good time to study up on the advanced Kama Sutra positions?

Back to my main point, if you’re going to get married, don’t. But, if you are married and are thinking about renewing vows, do it—VRx can be beneficial in this way since you’re technically “reviewing” something Venus you’ve done before.

venus rx.jpg
Our thoughts exactly.

5. Be cautious about doing new “Venus” things.

I’ve had a lot of temptation in my life recently to get involved with someone romantically, and my chart would support having a quick fling, but that’s about all it’d ever amount to. The fact that I’ve never been in love before makes it more inadvisable to start a new long-term relationship during Venus Retrograde since I really don’t want to explore new territories right now. Having a fling could be interesting, but I have to go into it not expecting anything serious, especially since we’ve all got martini goggles on right now and can’t see people or scenarios for what they really are.

I’d bet you a hundred dollars Meg Ryan got plastic surgery for the first time in Venus Retrograde. Have you seen what a nightmare her face has turned into over the years?

meg ryan plastic surgery.jpg
Just…don’t. This could happen to you.

On the more safe side of things, I’ve noticed women tend to change hairstyles, get that yearly cut they’ve been putting off, or start experimenting with color. Assuming the hair technician doesn’t screw up royally, it’s probably not a bad idea. But the odds are in your favor that you’ll go back to your old style once the Venus Rx transit is over, since you’ll start to wonder what the heck you were thinking in the first place. And whatever you do, don’t go to a new stylist—That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

6. This is our breeding season.

We’ve probably all heard that when it’s Spring, love is in the air, and animals like cats go into heat, searching for their mate to have babies with. If we go with the notion that human beings are indeed animals, VRx is like our “breeding season,” so we single people tend to get a lot more action than usual. What’s especially great about these times is that we feel more free to explore new ideas, kinks, and lifestyles. If you’ve been wondering about trying something new in bed just for the sake of seeing if it fits your interests, go for it.

breeding season.jpg
Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby…

Also, if you were born under Venus Retrograde, it’s probably akin to having a Saturn hex conjoin your natal Venus, so you likely don’t get very much action, if any at all, or you’ve had the same intimate partner your entire life. Bust out the costumes and allow yourself to be the sexual maven you’ve dreamed of!

Just don’t get an STD because poor choices are everywhere.

TL;DR: Review the following meme—

Case in point.

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