Axis of Success

In the first of a ten part series, I will outline a few of the common midpoint axes that I work with. Keep in mind we’ll be exploring Natal configurations for the most part.

In an effort to remain current and relatable, let’s look at the chart of Burt Reynolds, considering he passed away today.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 12.57.06 PM.png
Burt Reynolds (2.11.1936, 1210, Lansing MI) on 90º dial

We don’t have to move the dial very far in order to discover that he’s got a lot of stuff happening on the Cardinal Axis. He’s got Moon/Jupiter, Neptune/Node, Venus/Apollon, and so on.

To speak to the Venus/Apollon on the Cardinal Axis, we know he has an excess (Apollon) loves (Venus), which is magnified even further by Jupiter (good luck) and Moon (women).

It’s also worth mentioning that Neptune, Vulkanus, and Hades are also factors on this axis, so it’d suggest that Reynolds was the living manifestation of the phrase, “Gentleman on the streets, freak in the sheets,” and he was definitely a womanizer because he apparently had a lot of sexual activity in his days and it’s all supported here in his planetary symmetries. It wouldn’t at all surprise me to know if he had five or six different girlfriends in his rotation during the height of his popularity, and was always on the lookout for more women to service his—shall we say—big, fat Ego.

While Burt’s popularity in mainstream culture almost predates my existence on this planet, I do remember hearing about how women thought he was such a sex symbol, and everyone wanted to be with him. Personally, I don’t get the connection, but I think that’s because of my age, seeing that the sex icons of my generation were stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, et al.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 1.40.53 PM.png
Pointer on “actor” planetary picture (Mc+Cu=Me+Ur|Ne=As+Ju)

This formula is rather complicated and involves seven parts, making it much more involved than a typical three-part planetary picture. In this case, the seven parts all equal each other symmetrically, which is why they combine on the Aries Point.

In this particular case, we see that Mc+Cu=Me+Ur|Ne=As+Ju comes to Sun/Apollon, which is a midpoint defined as “To be known everywhere.” Reynolds was an international celebrity, headlining films such as Boogie Nights, Deliverance, and maintained an impressive acting history/resume, continuing to make appearances until his death. (The only thing I ever saw him in was as a cameo on an episode of The Golden Girls.)

Since Venus is a factor on Mc+Cu=Me+Ur|Ne=As+Ju, this energy will coincide with his natal Ve/Ap on the Aries Point, confirming once again that Reynolds’ success in life comes not only from acting, but also his sexual ties with women. He said in an interview that he was deeply ashamed of his womanizing, hypersexual behaviors, but since it’s written in his chart natally that he’d have these issues, it’s obvious that his soul wanted and/or needed to work on these issues in this lifetime, and chose to do so by means of being a highly sought after, popular actor.

In a future post, I’ll address the issue of success after death, like in the charts of Mozart, Picasso, or Jim Davis. Stay tuned.

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