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One of the hallmarks of Uranian Astrology is the use of Personal Points. In case you missed the memo, Uranians don’t really concern themselves with things like “horrible-scopes.” They’re too generic.

Here at eAstrologer, we strive to raise your spiritual vibration through higher knowing and better astrology, but we also acknowledge the “mystical” element of life. Isn’t there something renewing about the prospect of entering a new month?

There are a number of rituals that people get into to inspire “good luck,” but they’re mostly superstitious folklore that only work if you give them the room to flesh out.

Think about it. On the opposite end of things, if you don’t engage in whatever monthly tradition, then what, your life is going to suck? What if you’ve never even heard of saying “Rabbit, rabbit”? Does that mean I’m going to have a bad month?

I’ll spare you the red pill discussion on belief structures. If it works for you, keep doing it. But don’t twist yourself into a pretzel trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s hoe you create unwanted karma.

If you’re looking for a horoscope by zodiac sign, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to go back to your Western circles–we don’t do that here. The following insights are representative of every living person on this planet.

Let’s take a look at the month ahead, shall we?

Here are the energies coming up!

It’s immediately noticeable the red sun and moon symbols occupy the same areas of the sky. Under the 4th harmonic lens of this dial, you can say that the sun and moon are conjoined. In actuality, they’re about 90-degrees apart, which is a square.

Standard astrologers get all excited by this “eclipse energy” and try to sell you a ton of steaming garbage. You’ve probably heard all the popular buzzwords like “unexpected, wild ride, the powers of the universe, humanity,” the list goes on—It’s all terribly hokey and reminiscent of a woke Hallmark card written by Joseph Campbell or Deepak Chopra.

Unless you have a very specific configuration happening in triplicity in your chart at this axis point, ain’t a damn thing gonna happen. If you’re into astrology, feel free to ask me how you’ll be affected this eclipse cycle.

In order to do a proper Uranian forecast overview, we have to eliminate all the fast stuff. That’s all the inner planets and personal points except for the Node. Not a whole lot happening.

Fun fact: As someone who used to write horrible-scopes, standard astrologers rely heavily on the movement of inner planets. It’s somewhat easy to extract meaning based on sign rulership

There’s obviously a lot more at play here, but these are the two main stories that will affect everyone. We know this because we don’t even have to turn the dial in order to see the planets on the world stage. These relationships are all with respect to 0° Aries, the true neutral point of the zodiac.

Long-distance planets like the TNPs and Pluto will have their influence for a while because they’re too slow. When a planet crosses 0 Aries (like Jupiter in this case), then that axis point will be colored by the planet crossing its midpoint.

I’m going to break down the stories at play here by paraphrasing the definitions from Witte’s Rules for Planetary Pictures.

Pluto.Admetos: Foundation, back to basics. To lie in wait, only to realize profound change. Beginning of the end.

=Jupiter: Fortunate change of destiny assuming your natal Jupiter is in positive configurations)
=Aries: Making the most out of changed conditions. A new scenario.
=Mars: General suppression

We don’t consider Mars under a general overview like this because it’s an inner planet and moves too fast. However, Mars is currently retrograde, so I highlighted the orange circle to show you Mars’ position in the chart. We’ll add it to our list of “mental notes.” Mars won’t show its influence until next month when it goes direct and contacts 0° Aries. We would expect some strained finances next month, but that’s for another day.

Aries/Poseidon: Spirituality out in the world. Propaganda and media. Spirit.

=Zeus: Leadership of the mind.
=Node: Connected mentally with spiritual matters.
=Uranus: Sudden perception of truth.
=Jupiter: Blessed to understand something through reason or wisdom.

Aries/Jupiter: Money in general, possessions.

=Zeus: Successful and happy work.
=Poseidon: Common sense.
=Node: Good fortune with general relationships.
=Uranus: Sudden increase of good fortune.

Jupiter/Poseidon: Mental happiness.

=Aries: Intelligence and conscience in general.
=Zeus: Success by following one’s instincts.
=Node: Preference for intellectual and spiritual people.
=Uranus: To be surprised by suddenly understanding something. Intuitions.

There’s obviously a lot more. You’ll notice everything above doesn’t really say a whole lot about actual world events. Witte couldn’t scientifically vet the invention of blanket forecasts, much less on the world stage, so wer don’t use them. Uranians run a world chart from “Gaea’s Navel” at 0° latitude and 0° longitude and look at the energy meridians that affect every person on the planet.

At a general level, wee can expect more propaganda, which is worsened by the prospects of midterm elections. Since Zeus is a planet we expect to see in “war” formulas, the propaganda thrown at us should be war-like by nature. Don’t get me started on the Ukraine/Russia crisis.

Beyond that, the collective strives for truth. The quest for higher knowing and inner truth is more real than ever. With all the gaslighting in the world, it’s important for us to avoid all the lies, because it affects our sanity. In a big way, too, since Jupiter is on the world axis and that always brings more of anything—for better or worse.

Standard astrologers also break up their forecasts by the fiorst and second halves of each month, as if it’s going to be a huge change. In the cgart above, nothing has really moved from its original position. Jupiter went a degree or so retrograde, but all the slow-moving stuff is the same. This is yet another reason why Uranians don’t buy into the horrible-scope thing.

Speaking of belief structures, I’ll close out this post with a little red pill discussion.

Astrology is a language. By giving energy to the superstitious, you create a self-fulfilling prophesy that can’t be avoided. November is a month for us to unscrew ourselves from messy, problematic belief systems, so let’s agree to do better for ourselves.

This is how we Uranian.

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