I often roll my eyes when I hear astrologers gloat about their experiences with some of the greats in this field. I wonder to myself, Wow, you must be really old!

You’ve probably noticed similar professionals who love to talk about their fascination with the cosmos, and how it began at a very young age. This is what often led them to become astrologers.

Not me!

My first experience with astrology was astonishingly negative—I had a reading that was so psychologically damaging I started seeing a therapist twice a week. Yes, really!

I’ll spare you the long story about my even worse experience with a psychic extortionist who tried to tell me all this astrology junk that didn’t make sense, nor did I care about.

I had just started to experiment with tarot cards, when someone came into my life who gave me an Idiot’s Guide to Astrology, and it sat on my shelf for several months.

I was actually bored on the bus to Phoenix one day when I cracked it open and started reading. I was really surprised to find I actually liked the material, and it was remarkably accurate, which was the polar opposite of the experiences I had with the other two quacks.

I embarked on this journey to find the answers for myself, since I believed all astrologers were worthless. I’d stay up until five or six in the morning studying because I found it to be so fascinating, and my only interest was knowing the truth.

I didn’t even know about any of the major charting softwares (such as SolarFire, Kepler, Matrix, among others) when I first started out, so I used this free program called Astrolog.

It was a surprisingly powerful program for being free, but had its downfalls. Namely, it had this option to toggle “Uranian” planets, but would only give the first three characters of each name on the right side-bar. They looked so interesting because the glyphs were a deep purple, but I had no idea what they meant.

It’s my personal belief beneath every truth there’s a real truth, which I discovered years later when I stumbled across Uranian.

I finally learned the planet names, and a teeny bit about their meanings. But it was a daunting task because of the glaring lack of information available.


My typical pie-chart looks something like this. True to the Uranian method, I work with dials extensively.

Keep in mind I’m 31 at the time of this writing, so I’m pretty young. I’m a rare breed of astrologer to begin with, and even more rare because of my age, but I don’t let it hold me back—I can keep up with the most seasoned of astrologers, without the cash grabbing. My hope is to keep Uranian alive and authentic in my generation going forward.

I’m a proud Advisory Board Member of the Kepler College Uranian Astrology Discussion Group, Media Manager and Board Member of the Arizona Society of Astrologers, and am in the process of preparing for the American Federation of Astrologers Student Exam.

Have a nice day!

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