About Ernesto

Just another day in hyperspace.

Now that you’ve seen my chart and I’ve given you an explanation of Uranian Astrology, let’s take a minute to talk about me and my connection to this work.

I got into astrology as a result of a bad astrology consultation that caused me to start seeing my therapist twice a week (three if it was really bad). Let’s back up for a moment.

Like most people who find astrology, I was in a desperate moment of crisis. In my case it concerned a relationship. After I paid my consult fee and had the appointment, I was glowing and all excited about how I’d met my soulmate and all the other laughable BS you can imagine.

I won’t tell which side I would have been back in those days. They were the darkest of times.

Looking back, I paid to get told what I wanted to hear, which only fed my thirst for this non-existent relationship even more. She didn’t tell me I have strong planets for Law so I should take my studies seriously and in that direction. No, she just continued to take my money on a monthly basis when I’d come back wanting to know about ABC “what-if” relationship, never caring to address my actions or thoughts that continue to result in the same negative behavior pattern, if not worse than the previous.

I started to question if the reading she had given me was even real, the tape recording of it sure sounded like she fished for a lot of information and sugarcoated so I’d come back. Now what’s this BS about buying liquid minerals? Don’t take your vitamins in pill form, take them in liquid? I have to pay this bitch another $50?! Am I I at a vitamin shop? I get you’re a crazy cat lady astrologer with an affinity for Himalayans, but come on, for real?

A guy named Andrew (don’t remember many other details about this guy) gave me an Idiot’s Guide and I started to get into the astrology. I immediately started noticing all this stuff the astrologer I paid had gotten wrong. I finished the book in about a week and didn’t really seem to care much for a lot of the Western jargon or delineations on aspects because I found splicing the meanings to be too exhausting and stupid. This guy told me about this software that was free, so I saw it had these planets in purple that were called “Uranian.”

I connected with the TNPs (TransNeptunian Planets) right away. About the only thing I could find on the internet at the time to help me understand the TNPs and their meanings was an article in The Mountain Astrologer called “Introducing the TransNeptunians” or something of the like.

I found Arlene Kramer in 2008 and she introduced me to Uranian Astrology. She was nothing but a voice over the phone to me for about 7 years until we finally met at her home in Woodland Hills where I got a daylong intensive of Uranian studies with her. We spent a lot of time talking about the nearly 8,000 planetary combinations.

Somewhere between recovering from spice addiction and my Saturn Return I found the Kepler Uranian Society and was involved with them for several years. Kramer became ill during my Saturn Return so I was essentially cut off from the information flow

I parted ways with the Kepler Uranian Society in 2018 when I realized none of these people can read a chart because they only talk about dead or famous people who cannot confirm/deny the claims. Everything was about past events. Nobody could or was interested in reading for the future. It was impossible to get people to agree on methodology. Felt like a bad dream that leaves a taste in your mouth.

Now get this. Here’s when I started to break from these jerkoff astrologers and their games: I was President of Arizona Society of Astrologers from 2018-2019 before I resigned about halfway through my term. The org was in serious flux because of changes to the venue, administration, and declining membership. I felt like I was a promoter/specialist for Software A at a company that primarily uses Software B, but their workforce is so sloppy and inefficient they actually use Software C because they’re heathens that talk big and want all this stuff but they get stuck with bottom of the barrel.

I was disturbed that an “educational charity” with a focus in religion/spirituality did not want to screen its speakers. We’re talking about an organization that pays people for their speaking engagements/presentations. If the org is to be paying people for such affairs, there is a reasonable expectation the presenting astrologer is at least minimally skilled or seasoned in a way that attracts audiences. It should be fair to require speakers to read charts for all Board members, right? The Board chooses who gets on the calendar and who gets the money, so it’s logical to me that we would screen people so we don’t get ripped off by any Tom, Dick, or Mary.

I am grateful to be a Uranian Astrologer because it is crystal clear every time. The same cannot be said for Western Astrologers. There were many a meeting where something that’s clear in Uranian is only anecdotally true in the Western lens, so I would ask questions to try and figure out how/why things look different in Western. (Keep in mind I only know enough about Western Astrology to know it’s hot garbage pseudoscience that always falls apart compared. Uranian amazes each and every time. It never gets old.)

The result of my questioning would almost always expose the proposed technique to be only anecdotally true, not scientifically corroborated or proven out, which results in people becoming quiet. I had genuine reason to believe the ASA was being scammed by all these alleged “astrologers.”

To be clear, I am not of the belief that you get instant street cred for creating something that got you a few minutes of fame. It cracks me up that just because you got yet another unwanted article/opinion piece published about the Progressed Lunar Cycle you’re suddenly an undisputed expert in astrology. So just because I know a lot about over-the-counter natural supplements I’m only a few steps away from becoming a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor? Hey Mom, I got my Physician’s License from University of Phoenix Des Moines Campus!

If you’re reading this and you’re an astrologer and have aspirations for what I just described above, I’ll say this much. You do run a good hustle. You’re good at blowing smoke and know if you sound confident when you talk they’re not going to hold your feet to the fire and ask you to stand behind what you’re selling. You know yourself the astrology is maybe “better than average” at best but hey, another client, another dollar, another day in this journey toward becoming a millionaire astrologer with a book deal and TV show. Your speaker circuit party just started! Believe me, It feels like hookery after a while. I know who you are because I used to be you. I gave up the ego for the work and ability to connect with a higher source of energy. I’ve reached unparalleled heights by remaining spiritually authentic to the work.

I made contact with the people over at https://uranianastrologyschool.com/ and let me say I had quite the awakening while learning this astrology! It works each and every single time without fail, so I wholeheartedly renounce all other forms of astrology except Uranian.

You may have heard me speak at some engagement or chapter in the distant past. While I consider myself to be a professional Uranian Astrologer, I am not yet a certified Master, so I’ll keep my hands off the megaphone until then.

Let’s all agree to check our egos at the door.