Your November 2022 Forecast!

One of the hallmarks of Uranian Astrology is the use of Personal Points. In case you missed the memo, Uranians don’t really concern themselves with things like “horrible-scopes.” They’re too generic. Here at eAstrologer, we strive to raise your spiritual vibration through higher knowing and better astrology, but we also acknowledge the “mystical” element ofContinue reading “Your November 2022 Forecast!”

How does Uranian Astrology handle “significant” transits?

TL;DR: We don’t. How many astrologers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I guarantee you hundreds of astrologers will be posting about the latest steaming pile of crap this week because it’s the Winter Solstice. It’s always about how next year will be better because of all the things that disrupted the “cosmicContinue reading “How does Uranian Astrology handle “significant” transits?”


One of the most debated topics in astrology (and probably life in general) is that of freewill. Do we really have control over our actions, or was everything we do in life planned out prior to coming here? The answer is yes. Uranian Astrology is recognized for its precision, so by using  mathematical equations andContinue reading “Freewill”


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