Axis of Success

In the first of a ten part series, I will outline a few of the common midpoint axes that I work with. Keep in mind we’ll be exploring Natal configurations for the most part. In an effort to remain current and relatable, let’s look at the chart of Burt Reynolds, considering he passed away today. […]

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Venus Retrograde 2018

I don’t get why so many people who know anything about Astrology are so panicky when they hear the word Retrograde”—It’s like a bad word or curse. Like nothing’s in your control, best to prepare for imminent disasters. Before we go any further, it’s probably best to take a moment to explore what happens in […]

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One of the most debated topics in astrology (and probably life in general) is that of freewill. Do we really have control over our actions, or was everything we do in life planned out prior to coming here? The answer is yes. Uranian Astrology is recognized for its precision, so by using  mathematical equations and […]

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Show me the Real Truth!

The most important notion in Uranian Astrology is the question you ask. It has to be worded perfectly, or the astrologer is unable to give an insightful answer. Anyone with an intermediate knowledge of astrology can answer questions to determine whether or not something is advisable, or how it’s going to play out. I should clarify and say […]

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2016 Overview

  Generally speaking, 2016 seems to be a wonderfully powerful year.   If you add up all the numbers in 2016, you get a 9. While the bulk of my work deals with Uranian Astrology, I know enough about Numerology to understand that Nines indicate the end of a cycle. Whatever it is that you’ve […]

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What if conscious minds became aware of their Soul Contracts from other lifetimes-past. parallel, and future? The world would be so much more fun-imagine watching Sarah Palin on the television but everyone knows she’s really a chef on Zeus. (Many people I’ve spoken to over the years-myself included-have reported dreams about Sarah Palin being a […]

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Yesterday I went to a cemetery for the first time since I started studying astrology and metaphysics: though I was overwhelmed by the energy and was almost in tears the entire time, it was such a beautiful feeling to tap into the etheric and be in the stars on Kronos, watching the cloudy spheres of […]

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