Midpoints and Uranian Astrology

Abstract: The use of midpoints in Uranian Astrology are a basic construct that everyone should work with in all types of astrology, but many do not understand how to apply the techniques. Midpoints can be used in a variety of ways, and because there are so many combinations of planets, decoding the information can be difficult. The aim of this series is to provide students with valuable, useful tools to use midpoints in their own practice of astrology in a meaningful way.

Description: This short class series focuses on midpoints, Uranian Astrology, and their applications. It is designed for those with a working knowledge of astrological archetypes and symbology, but experience with chart calculation and house systems is not necessary, as these concepts are distant in Symmetrical Astrology and its applications. If you took my workshop on “Midpoints and Uranian Astrology” taught at the Arizona Society of Astrologers on August 19, 2017, this course allows for an intensive look at the ideas originally presented, but in a way that drills midpoints into your head so that they’re locked in forever.

Time: Flexible (based on your scheduling availability)
Location: Online
Length: 6 weeks, 60 minutes each
Cost: $225

All students receive unlimited email support and homework revisions.

If you are unable to attend, a video will be available for download after each class so you can review and catch up at a later date. Yours to keep forever!

Regular letter grades (A, B, C, D, E) will be assigned. Every grade receives a different discount, so set your sights high! Discounts are honored as a once-only offering, and expire within one year of the course conclusion.

A: 50% off any service
B: 40% off any service
C: 30% off any service
D/E: 25% off additional lessons

Week 0 is a COMPLIMENTARY course overview and synopsis. Fees are only collected should you decide to continue in the series. Preregistration is required in order to attend.

In order to keep a controlled, intimate environment, classes are limited to 10 students. Additional sections will be offered based on demand.

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover:

Week 0: Overview

Previews of upcoming course content and syllabus review. Introduction to Midpoint Astrology.

Week 1: Midpoint Detection and Calculations

By using a traditional chart, you will learn how to quickly identify midpoints, their axes, and both direct and indirect planetary pictures. Several examples will allow you to hone the ability to find midpoints by means of calculation by hand. Two homework assignments will be assigned to further application.

Week 2: Astrological Syntax

This class is especially great for those in preparation of the association (AFA, NCGR, etc.) exams. We will explore how to formulate detailed, meaningful sentences based on midpoint pictures to interpret and describe the horoscope. No need for dials yet! A longer homework on traditional planet delineation builds on calculation techniques.

Week 3: TransNeptunians

Ready to add nuance to your work? This lecture transforms your knowledge of TransNeptunians and their combinations with the traditional planets. Focus is brought into working with these planets in a way that gives that ‘wow factor’ to your work. A quick overview of the TNPs is provided to get you warmed up, then we jump head first into their interpretations. Two homework assignments (one short, one long) allow for practice of calculation and Astrological Syntax.

Week 4: Elections

Now that you know how to use midpoints gracefully, effectively, and with ease, it’s time to apply the techniques to current events! The example charts in this class show you how to read a dial in order to extract all the useful information about what happens in the world. Emphasis is placed on the 360-dial and Uranian House Systems. You will have two weeks to complete the comprehensive final exam!

Week 5: Review and Q&A

Review of final exam and course content.

Space is limited to 10 students, so Contact Me today to register!