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Join me on my BlogTalkRadio show Uranus Happens for free live Uranian Astrology readings!

I’m Ernesto, professional Uranian Astrologer and astral traveler. Find me over at 


Uranian Astrology analyzes the language of planetary symmetries to predict outcomes based on the alchemy of your actions. The only “freewill” in any of this is in how we choose to respond to events in the environment.

I’m going to need your name, birth date, time, place, area code, and current city/town. I am unable to read you without ALL of this information. The show archive speaks for itself. I have a proven track record of accurate readings, especially those with EXACT BIRTH TIMES. One minute of birth time in accuracy is the equivalent of 4 months calendar time in predictive work. Birth time is a rule, not a request. Please and thank you!

New show format, so this time around everyone gets a fresh read. The reading queue is drawn at random -You can cut to the front of the line and guarantee you’ll be read on the show for your tip of just $5. I’ll even stay late for you guys!

Since it takes me a moment or two to dissect what I’m reading and this is a live show without any planned breaks or holds, I’m going to make small talk with you for the sake of filling dead air. In most cases you’ll act as a tour guide for your area/city/state, but I’ll announce the question throughout the show so you have time to think about it.

Don’t forget to go over to and leave a review! Every feedback entry gets you an entry into the free reading raffle! You can also email me directly if you’re having trouble with the contact form.

Uranian Astrology

Uranian Astrology
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