Free Stuff

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

Astrodienst Chart Calculator

This site is great when you want to calculate a chart, but don’t have software at your disposal. Be sure to enter ‘hh’ in the field for additional objects if you’d like to see the TransNeptunians in your chart!

Planetary Hours Calculator

I do most everything by Planetary Hours, and here’s a link to calculate the hours of the day.

Uranian Astrology Books

Through Penelope Publications, you can purchase a wealth of hard-to-find materials and supplies for Uranian Astrology.

Midpoint Observatory

Part of the NCGR Uranian Society Special Interest Group for Uranian/Cosmobiology, this site sporadically writes about midpoints that affect the world.

Ask the Astrologer

As part of an exciting and new feature in the near future, send me your birth data with one question and you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing to have your question answered in a blog post!

Stay tuned for more updates!