Member’s Lounge

Thanks for reaching out!

We here at eAstrologer are so much more than a radio show. Not only do we work to raise your spiritual vibration, we’re also the only network in the world where you can connect with others that share the love of Uranian Astrology!

I know I called this section the “Member’s Lounge,” but I hate entitlement. Literally any person with an email address can sign up for our Forums.

It’s all fun and games until someone takes the walk of shame….

Change is scary. You’re on the precipice of something that’s causing you to lose a lot of sleep, and you don’t know where to turn. You called the show and got your free live reading, but I’m unable to provide the specificity you require because we don’t get a lot of time together on the air. Good astrology takes time, you know?

We know you have questions but can’t afford a full consult. That’s why we decided to put together our Monthly Spirit Circle! For just $50, you get access to an empowering workshop that offers answers to your questions, and I’ll show you the ways of astrological alchemy!

Remember the first days of the internet when we had chatrooms? You could talk to strangers from all over the world, anytime, anywhere, on your schedule. It was pretty hit and miss, but sometimes you made a connection that matters. Did you check out our chatroom? It’s free to join, and just like the old days!

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