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Uranian Astrology is best served to groups of friends. I know you’re really here for yourself, but nobody finds this astrology by coincidence. Something really amazing starts to happen when you look past your own problems and experience group synergy: Somebody is probably going through a similar issue like you, and it’s pretty neat to see how like-minded souls band together and help each other out.

It’s for this reason we have a limit of 10 seats per Member’s Lounge event. You also get to ask any specific question of your choice, so think hard about what you’d like to know!

We here at quite obviously don’t do the work for the money, because you’re getting TWO spiritual advisors for the price of one!

Since you get to ask questions in this event format, I’ll need a little advance notice to do some research and go through our rulebook of 8k+ formulas.

Meeting link will be emailed about 30 minutes prior to start time.


4th Wednesday of every month
(Starting June 2022)

7:30-9:30pm AZST


Zoom Meeting
(free to download)

RSVP Required: Yes

Cost: $50

Meet the team

Ernesto is resident Uranian Astrologer at and host of Uranus Happens Show. Ernesto writes original scripted comedy shows in his spare time, and is a dragon for clarity and truth. His specialties include alchemy and astral travel.

Viretta is an intuitive counselor and psychic medium based out of the Phoenix area. She connects with your guides in a powerful way to share otherworldly knowledge. Her readings don’t use tools but the results mimic what you get from Uranian Astrology, so she’s tapping into the same energy sources.

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