One of the most debated topics in astrology (and probably life in general) is that of freewill. Do we really have control over our actions, or was everything we do in life planned out prior to coming here? The answer is yes. Uranian Astrology is recognized for its precision, so by using  mathematical equations and […]

Show me the Real Truth!

The most important notion in Uranian Astrology is the question you ask. It has to be worded perfectly, or the astrologer is unable to give an insightful answer. Anyone with an intermediate knowledge of astrology can answer questions to determine whether or not something is advisable, or how it’s going to play out. I should clarify and say […]

Why Astrology Readings Don’t Work on Psychic Hotlines

Having just resigned as a “psychic advisor” for a well-known and -respected company (can’t say which one due to legal reasons), I have to tell you what I learned about working on a phone line. 1. It’s outrageously expensive In most cases, your pay-per=minute is going to be pretty steep. Most callers paid over $300+ […]

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I’m Ernesto, professional Uranian Astrologer and Astral Traveler. I don’t write often, so here you will find random channeling sessions that explore special topics in Existential Mysticism and their application to Uranian Astrology.

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