What if conscious minds became aware of their Soul Contracts from other lifetimes-past. parallel, and future? The world would be so much more fun-imagine watching Sarah Palin on the television but everyone knows she's really a chef on Zeus. (Many people I've spoken to over the years-myself included-have reported dreams about Sarah Palin being a [...]


Yesterday I went to a cemetery for the first time since I started studying astrology and metaphysics: though I was overwhelmed by the energy and was almost in tears the entire time, it was such a beautiful feeling to tap into the etheric and be in the stars on Kronos, watching the cloudy spheres of [...]


My Guides finally took me to Hyperion and taught me how to cast magic in the other worlds. I remember how to do it and so I'm going to be doing some clearing and blessing in the etheric planes. I feel like I've just learned the solution to the multi-verse.

Le weekend

So like here's a rundown of some of my latest life experiences and travels: Last night, I called my parents into the living room, put the boxing fight on pause (big deal with my dad), and were scared I was going to say something since terrible since I was being so quiet and serious, then [...]


Like Ultra Admetos and a deep Hades in Scorpio feeling, the overall lesson is pretty Scorpionic in the end. Learn how to hustle, play it cool, and survive on your instincts. Nothing horrible will ever happen when you live on these simple principles. Gonna be okay. Welcome Isis, to the Final Third of the Uranian [...]


So like, I've been thinking lately. Imagine Life is a magical quest to get the Eternity Sphere, but every other living being has the exact same mission. But when you extrapolate these experiences to the 36 other parallel states where similar fragments of any given lifetime, which may or may not be relevant or "seem [...]