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Please inform of the direction you’d like to take for your reading so I can provide the best service possible. If you’re looking to talk about a chart different than your own (eg parent, child, spouse), then you need to purchase the Full Analysis. This option is only for people looking to gain a personal consult based on their own info. I can see the other people in your life through your chart, but it requires a different chart to know how somebody’s doing aside from the general stuff that’s easy to see at the surface.


Uranian Astrology Basic Analysis: 15 minutes. Ask me any question of your choice, get an answer. Single chart analysis of 3-5 related questions to provide better clarity on the issues at hand. Provides a personal forecast for the next 1-3 months. Email consulting also available. A fine choice for those doing update work. I require 72 hours to fully collect all the data I need to answer your question, so I appreciate your patience. It takes time to get good astrology. 🙂

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Please indicate if you prefer to correspond. I actively share my work in Google Docs to facilitate the consulting process.


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