Full Analysis


Dual chart analysis. In depth investigation of any problem if your choice and examination of 5-8 related charts. Includes a 6 month forecast if requesting a multi-subject general read, or general timeframe within the next 3-6 months when. Want to know the specific day and month? Prepare to open your wallet! I’m a fan of the human experience, so oftentimes it’s better to only have a general idea or else it’ll impact your daily life in ways you don’t expect or like. Now you’re trying to play God by calling all the shots since you’re armed with this piece of info. Don’t let life pass you by–You don’t get a second chance so make the most of it!


Uranian Astrology Full Analysis: 30 minutes. Chart analysis of two individuals, or complete investigation of a single issue. I require about a week of email prep work.


“Am I getting back together with my ex?”

I will look at 5-8 related charts to color in the story that’s being told on the stage. You’ll get my final answer in your video conference. I give you the “good enough” timing answer, so you can focus on regular life. The best things that happen to us are a total surprise. Keep it that way.

I’m a believer in alternate timelines. Many usually stories happen simultaneously in your chart.

Pick the Full Analysis when you need major excavation of a problem. Let’s talk about that one thing that’s keeping you really stuck.


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