Spirit Circle pass

Meeting Ended 22 Jun 2022
Duration: 120 min
Places left: 12
Price: $50.00


This exciting opportunity for you to connect with two qualified spiritual advisors at a super affordable rate. Get real answers in real time! Limited to 6 seats on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Seminar runs from 7:30-9:30pm AZ time. Overflow demand will be moved to a separate Spirit Circle on 1st Wednesday.

You are purchasing admission to our 4th Wednesday Spirit Circle on Zoom. These meetings are an extension of what we cover in the free live reading on the show, so please ask your question as specifically as possible in advance of the meeting so we can work on preparing an in-depth answer for you. You will need to have Zoom on your device so we can connect. Seating is limited to 6 participants.

Use the forums! It’s the best way for you to connect afterwards–take advantage of the fellowship!


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