Private Readings

What’s up? Let’s talk about how to take your life to the next level. Whether it’s personal, business, romantic, or anything in between, a Uranian Astrology reading provides the deepest insight on unconscious levels!. Are you thinking about getting married but want to know the best place to “birth” a new marriage? Do you need to know when to start writing your next novel? Have you been on a losing streak and want to know how to make the best of it, or need to know when life gets better? Contact me and I’ll help guide you. Approach your life with excitement, prepared with the gifts you were born with!

Uranian Astrology is all about Potential. You may have had readings from other astrologers in the past, but I guarantee none has employed the precise methods I work with.

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Choose the reading that fits your needs. A private reading will give you the most information at competitive prices, using tools you’ve only heard about in textbooks! I also perform other services not included on this page, so please inquire about how I may best serve your needs. I promise to serve with the utmost quality and integrity. All sessions can be customized to fit your financial and personal needs.

Rates are determined prior to payment and booking. My rates are beyond bargain basement competitive, but don’t let that fool you on the quality of work! Readings are performed by Skype, which is a really great application that allows us to connect with full audio and video—We can share screens, and you’re even provided with a recording to keep forever! I also work by phone.


What’s the promise in your chart? Why specifically did you choose to incarnate, and what strengths can you use to work toward that goal? That’s exactly what I cover in the Basic Analysis!

1 hour Basic Analysis

Here we’ll explore the many gifts and talents you were born with, and how to use them meaningfully in your life. Through the beauty of planetary symmetries, we’ll cover everything from career, love, money, and much more!


For those seeking the ultimate experience with Uranian Astrology, I’ve got you covered! The two-hour Full Analysis includes everything discussed in the Basic Analysis, in addition to an extra hourlong appointment to really explore the unknown. All you have to do is tell me the topic of your choosing and we’ll take a deep look at whatever’s on your mind!

2 hour Full Analysis

Includes everything with the Basic Analysis, in addition to predictive dial work, and evaluation of an additional chart of your choosing (i.e. significant other, election, solar return, relocation). Performed in two weekly, hour-long appointments.


When you sign up for the Full Analysis, an additional three email consult package is added as a bonus! Don’t you get how monumental that is???

Email Analysis (3 questions, $25)

Ask me anything about your chart. This package doesn’t accommodate for someone else’s chart, or electional work, but all else is fair game! You can’t beat this price anywhere!

What are you waiting for? Contact me today!