What’s up? Let’s talk about how to take your life to the next level. Whether it’s personal, business, romantic, or anything in between, a Uranian Astrology reading provides the deepest insight on unconscious levels!. Are you thinking about getting married but want to know the best place to “birth” a new marriage? Do you need to know when to start writing your next novel? Have you been on a losing streak and want to know how to make the best of it, or need to know when life gets better? Contact me and I’ll help guide you. Approach your life with excitement, prepared with the gifts you were born with!

Uranian Astrology is all about Potential. I specialize in answering the question that’s behind your actual question, and because Uranian was innovated by Germans, it’s a time-efficient system that provides max results in minimum time.

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Consults are performed by Skype, which is a really great application that allows us to connect with full audio and video—We can share screens, and you’re even provided with a video recording to keep forever! Phone is also great.


What’s the promise in your chart? Why specifically did you choose to incarnate, and what strengths can you use to work toward that goal?

You’re curiously reading this page because you have an issue you want me to look at.


I’m not going to waste your time and do a personality profile or general reading, because I prefer to be more specific.  It’s for this reason alone I don’t do hourlong consults, not to mention it starts to feel like an acid trip towards the end and requires Advil to get through.

30 minutes: $150 initial consult, $80 follow-up


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