Promos and Special Rates

20-minute Planetary Retrograde Strategy Session: $50

Whenever a planet enters retrograde (especially Mercury!), one of my longtime clients always says, “My whole life is retrograde,” which I think is important to analyze, since one of the foundational Uranian techniques is to focus on the psychological roadblocks and manifestations of planets that have recently gone retrograde and stationary in your chart. This reading is for those who would prefer to focus on some quick life planning rather than going through the whole update process of a Basic Analysis. This promo applies whenever one or more inner planets has recently gone retrograde, which will be the main theme to the work.

Solar Return Promotion: Rates vary

In honor of your birthday, I offer to you a discount of your new physical age off any service of your choice (max. 50%)! For example, if you just turned 37, you’ll receive a one-time discount of 37%. Since I’m a nice guy, if your Solar Arc is higher than your age (true for all those born later in the year), I’ll honor the nearest whole number. Valid for up to 21 calendar days after your birthday, and non-transferable (i.e. ineligible for gift certificate readings).

Conversational Uranian Astrology: $2.99/minute

This session is intended for those on a budget who would like update work, or when you have a burning question that needs an answer right away. I’ll give a cold reading of your charts (Natal, Lunar Return) with enough prep time on my end to cast your horoscope. Just let me know the direction you’d like to take and I’ll center the work around that topic. Most questions can be resolved in about 15-20 minutes and the session will often require same- or next-day scheduling. No surcharges for late night work!

30 minute Life Planning Analysis (must be 25 or younger to qualify): $35

It can be argued people unknowingly go down the paths they’re supposed to, but one of the strengths of working with Uranian is the ability to plan out the life you’re meant to have, which is why this session was designed for the budget-conscious who are just starting out in life. A heavy emphasis is placed on career and strategies to maximize life potential, based on the promise in the chart.

Over 65 Special: $6.50

I realize the majority of consultants in any field keep their rates the same across the board regardless of age. From a practical standpoint, I realize there are those over 65 who wish to work with me but simply can’t afford my hourly rates and packages due to fixed income circumstances. I don’t believe papa should ever have to work for free (even civil courts agree with this view), and it’s basic psychology that you take the work or object more seriously when there’s some financial attachment, no matter the expense. I’ve designed this program to be the base reading price for those 65 and over.  If you can afford to pay more because of IRA or pension payouts, by all means go ahead! Think of it as good karma. Everybody could use a little of that, huh?