After two planets of solid positivity, we’re back to one of the more challenging TransNeptunians. Admetos is a tricky planet. Well…you’ll find out for yourself soon.

Tequila refinery plant at El Jimador Estates

We’ve looked at all these beautiful pictures so far, and how I’m showing you something that doesn’t fit with all the others in this series. There’s a reason for that!


Admetos is frequently associated with raw materials. When we study the glyph, it’s a combination of Mercury and Taurus, with a cross in the middle.

The Tarot equivalent of Mercury in Taurus is the Five of Pentacles, which is known as “the time-out card.” Makes perfect sense when you look at what this planet really means!

Negatively, we see Admetos in planetary pictures showing debilitation, bottlenecks, and blockages.

The Germans liked crosses in the glyphs, and there’s a distinct reason for that. On a more positive note, this planet deals with meditation.


This chart belongs to a longtime client. We’ll call her “Susan.” When we place the pointer on Kronos, we see that there are two midpoint axes: one between Admetos/Aries-Jupiter; and the other with Mercury/Saturn.

Going deeper, we see that Susan’s connection to the world (Aries Point) deals with peaceful rest (Jupiter/Admetos) through some form of mental (Mercury) separation (Saturn) and Mastery (Kronos).

Susan works in the meditation business and is a successful life coach, having been certified in many areas. She’s also a recruiter for new coaches and helps them learn. Kronos is also a boss/manager figure, so the above makes perfect sense.


The reason I chose this video over any other recording of this piece is because the performer’s flamboyant musicality so perfectly captures the dreaminess of the piece itself, as if he’s in some kind of meditative trance while he plays.

Surprisingly, Admetos almost always comes in major keys, and is music that reminds you of nature, is something you’d hear at a funeral, or both. “To A Wild Rose” was one of my first pieces on the piano, and it’s so simple, fragile, and elegant.

I really need to find a new hobby.

Watch how Mario and Yoshi only move in circles. That’s because they’re caught in an Admetos cycle of Standstill.


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