08 august
Templo Expiatorio, Guadalajara Mexico

Hades is the most misunderstood planet by new students in Uranian Astrology. As the name implies, it’s got something to do with the underworld, darkness, and a ton of other negative things.

That’s only slightly true. While there aren’t many positive associations with Hades, there’s a lesson to be learned.

For example, I have Hades conjunct my Sun within a degree.I always used to believe there was this little black storm cloud chasing me, bringing misfortune wherever I go, but I’ve since learned Sun+Hades is actually a powerfully positive combination, marked by my ability as an astrologer, specifically with Uranian, since this planet deals with secrets and unknowns, which Uranian very much falls into.

On the flipside, it does create a negative planetary picture with Admetos, which describes the decay and disability of the physical body, which I’ve been living in for over a decade. The thing I can say for certain is that I learned self-awareness in an experiential way that didn’t require catastrophic amounts of money, because I learned to be my own teacher in many ways.

You know, when your docs are slowly poisoning you with malicious pharmaceuticals, there comes a breaking point when you finally decide to take life into your own hands and find answers. That’s what I’ve learned how to do through many years of empirical research and experimentation, so this is definitely a positive expression of Hades.

Now back to your regularly scheduled description…


What you’ll notice about the above descriptions is that they don’t seem very positive. It’s true there are a metric ass-ton of negative associations, but you can learn how to make them work for you, and this is something I absolutely cover in the Basic Analysis reading.

Something else of note is that the glyph has an arc of the Moon, and the cross that represents Saturn. Like all the TransNeptunians, Hades has a “super” quality. But it’s not the Moon or Saturn as you’d expect. Think deeper. What planet do you get when you combine the moon and Saturn?

Pluto, of course!

Yes, we’re dealing with a Super Pluto here, and it’s not easy (especially when you’re living it like I am), but there’s hope.



I think Kim is a total disaster, but let’s take a look at her natal dial configurations.

When we put the pointer on the midpoint of Hades/Ascendant, we get Mars. While I like that Ascendant is a Personal Point in this planetary picture, this isn’t inherently interesting to me.

What grabs my interest is that Aries Point is within a degree of the large dots, in addition to Jupiter, so we know it’s in aspect to As/Ha=Ma.

If we break down the language the planets are trying to speak here, we get: Kim Kardashian’s work (Mars) is marked by a trashy (Hades) public persona (Ascendant), and this defines her money (Jupiter) and connection to the world at large (Aries Point).

See how cool that was?

And yes, I’m aware there are errors in Kim K.’s dial example above, so congrats if you caught them.


In music, Hades sounds purple, blue, or a combination of the two. Solo percussion instruments usually (but not always) resonate with this planet, and have a tendency to start in minor mode and keep up their harmonic intensity by getting more complicated, but not really deviating from the original tones. E Minor always comes to mind when I hear Hades.

Hades dog gif.gif

The keyword for Hades is Decay.

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