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Pay attention to the prism in the above image. While there’s no need to get dizzy from watching this, you should notice that the prism rises way above the center “stage.”


That’s the idea here—Kronos is height. Back when Witte proposed the TNPs way back when, Kronos ended his series of hypothetical planets. In the war days, he found that this planet would show winning of battles, and coincided with political figures.

The glyph is a cross with an arc overhead, showing the height aspect of this planet. The cross is symbolic of the psychic plane, which coincides with the cross in the glyph for Hades.

There isn’t a whole lot of negative with Kronos, unless you combine it with Poseidon (atomic radiation), and even when added to Hades, the rulebooks will state something about corruption and evilness of the authorities/government, but in a more modern context, and depending on other factors in the horoscope, Kronos can be defined as mastery of a secret science, such as Uranian Astrology, Magic, or the intuitive (psychic) arts.


Let’s look further. When we place the pointer at Cupido for Diego Rivera, we find the midpoint of Sun and Kronos. Even though we like to start with the Aries Point in Uranian, This midpoint picture will be the same for all people born on this day. Zeus is an indirect midpoint by minor aspect since it’s on one of the small dots, adding to the equation.

Again, this isn’t really interesting since these planetary pictures will be generational, and only apply to those born on 12/8/1886. But the reason this caught my attention is  because of the two Personal Points (Midheaven and Ascendant) on the large dot to the right. Two of the fastest moving parts of the horoscope in aspect to one generational planetary picture.

We can then say that Rivera’s art (Cupido) is mastered (Sun+Kronos) through communication (Mercury) about places (Ascendant), and all of the above defines his identity (Midheaven).

Since Kronos naturally deals with height, it’s logical and true to associate this planet with flight, clouds, floods (Kronos+Neptune), and the atmosphere.

03 march.JPG
The darker side of Kronos up in the clouds.

Musically, I associate Kronos with the color green.

There’s an ethereal quality to this planet’s music, and usually marked by minor keys, with the occasional bright tonalities thrown in.

Particularly in this piece, you can really hear the majesty of Kronos music.

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