Last one!

opening shot.jpg
From a photography project that didn’t make sense.

This picture is Neptune blue. The subject appears to be asleep.

6 light final.jpg
From another photography project that still didn’t make sense.

Aside from green eyes, the black and white tones tell us something here.

Ooh, what pretty colors!

Are we paying attention yet?


The glyph for Poseidon is Pisces facing straight up. Does that mean Poseidon is related to Pisces in some way?

If that logical inference wasn’t clear, there’s reason to worry. Maybe you should get some rest or drink a cup of coffee to wake up.

Poseidon is a Super Neptune. But it doesn’t have this dark side where everything can go wrong.

Since Poseidon strives for enlightenment, the only real negative parts are when someone takes the search for truth to radical extremes and will die for what they believe in. (Does this sound familiar?)

I actually didn’t have any chart examples to discuss that didn’t involve complicated lessons on other topic in order to understand fully, so we’re going to discuss this planet in further detail.

Way back when I first started out in Uranian and didn’t know how to effectively work with planetary pictures, I would talk about how the TNPs are these energy centers that connect to parallel worlds, and so on.

As the last planet in the Uranian system, it takes 762.5 years for Poseidon to orbit the Sun. That’s a really long time!

It’s not uncommon to get the feeling there’s something advanced, otherworldly about Poseidon. Maybe the concept of spacetime is different on Poseidon than here on Earth, so  that’s why people make this association.

This song sounds white to me. Poseidon should elicit colors of white, since it’s related to light. The harmonies are broad and unconventional. It’s one of the reasons why Calvin Harris is such a musical genius to me.

Here’s a perfect example of music that takes me to other worlds. It screws with my mind in every way possible, and I love it. The sound is rather old compared to today’s EDM standard of writing music, but it’s so very…Poseidon. Tons of light firing off in my mind.

So let’s review.

What’s the keyword for Poseidon???

poseidon gif.gif


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