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Don’t piss off Vulcanus!
You’d think this picture relates to Zeus and all issues surrounding brutality, which is true, but Vulcanus also speaks here because of its sudden power.

This is that moment in Grand Theft Auto when you decide to go on a crime rampage, but your car is so destroyed it can’t move any further, so then you get cornered by the cops, and a few shots of their guns later, it’s all over.


In case it wasn’t clear, Vulcanus is from the Latin for “volcano.” The glyph looks like a volcano, but there’s that cross at the top, signaling there’s a higher vibration of this planet. The Germans wrote it as “Vulkanus,” which comes from German Latin.

Vulcanus is a Super Uranus, and is frequently seen in natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms. There’s a Divine presence to this planet, which is where the cross comes in.

Yours truly.
This is my chart, and we see a ton of stuff right away. Apollon-Vulcanus and Jupiter-Kronos lie on a midpoint axis that the Aries Point occupies.Mars is also close by the large dot, so that plays a role, also.

My connection to the world (Aries Point) is accomplished through profitable, successful (Jupiter) work (Mars) as a mighty (Vulcanus) master (Kronos) of astrology (Apollon).

Sun/Poseidon isn’t displayed above, but also plays into this equation, making my chart deeply spiritual (omggg you have no idea). Maybe I’ll write a post on it later.

So THIS is the reason why you should start working with me and get grandfathered before my rates escalate to $2,000 an hour!

What’s interesting about this piece is that there’s this starlight-esque sound at the beginning, which shows the more spiritual side to Vulcanus. Then in the C section, we hear a chord progression and the dynamic levels skyrocket. This speaks to the “explosive” nature of Vulcanus, which you’ll one day see and hear as it’s played by me for one hand.

This piece is a hybrid of Apollon and Vulcanus in that you hear the expansive (Apollon) nature of the music, but the bursts of sound in the melody and bass coincide with the sounds of Vulcanus. Vulcanus music sounds yellow.

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This is intended to be funny, not gross.
The jerks in the animation of this image show you that Vulcanus is Mighty.

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