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Artist’s (my) representation of Zeus.

Ah, Zeus. The fiery planet of passion where the embers continue to burn. And let’s not forget about the copious amounts of sex!


This planet always appears when looking at life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, or, more commonly, sex.

The glyph is an X with an arrow pointing upward. I’ll ignore the phallic nature of the arrow, but we can obviously see that the arrow indicates some sort of idea, energy, etc. that’s being directed in an upward manner. X marks the spot, as they say, so the planet starts with a plan and carries out the action. The execution can be robotic, which would relate to the wartime association that deals with heavy machinery.

You’ll always find it with Kronos in charts of people who are destined to become political leaders such as President. So when there was this huge debate about who would win the last election (which I really don’t care much about since I’m allergic to politics), I could easily make waste of the two charts and determined a winner based on who had the kernel formula for Commander-in-Chief. This is why I work with Uranian!


I once worked with a client who suffered from sex addiction, which isn’t uncommon for those with Zeus in all the wrong places, and it was easy to see s/he was headed into a period of even more sexual craziness. No diseases or unwanted pregnancies involved! So all was good.

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No, this isn’t the client. Don’t get excited.

Witte hypothesized Zeus in the original years of the Hamburg School (Uranian), because the planet’s energy came in all things related to wars or battles. Zeus is one of the original four TNPs proposed by Witte, so it’s got to be especially important.

We see Zeus more negatively when it comes to matters of energy or action, but it can also be a good thing, depending on how the energy manifests and is handled by the native.

It’s a Super Mars, so if you take the traditional definition of Mars (action) and multiply it on a grand scale, you’ve got Zeus.

When you use energy positively, what happens? Work gets done! Oh hey, that’s a great idea! Yeah, inspiration is the positive keyword here.


In Agatha Christie’s chart, her connection to the world at large (Aries Point) is accomplished through creative (Neptune, not circled) work (Mars, not circled) handled with mystery (Pluto, not circled) and inspiration (Sun+Zeus).

Musically, Zeus is orange and defined by quick beat subdivisions or pulsations of an electric guitar. Any type of Rock and Jazz are the styles that always comes to mind.


In case it wasn’t clear, the keyword for Zeus is Inspiration.

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