Uranian Astrology Explained

NE.CU=UR: “Sudden rupture in married life.” (Alfred Witte, Rules for Planetary Pictures)

Plain and simple, Uranian Astrologers look for configurations like this. These triple patterns of energy set off actual life events. We use math and science to decode the language of astrology. The diagram you’re looking at here is your Akashic Record, or your birth chart. But it’s not a 12-house chart with signs and planetary aspects ad nauseum. This is your chart under a microscope. We take the 360-degree circle of the Celestial Sphere and divide it by 4. Now there are only 90 degrees. Founding father Alfred Witte proved the 4th harmonic is an identical representation of the 360-degree circle. In predictions we use the 16th harmonic, which is a further and equal reduction of the 4th harmonic.

Witte totally negates the artistic applications of astrology, which is a shame because I tend to like a lot of that art style!

Only the Personal Points and planets in this chart can be considered. They have already been scientifically vetted so we can trust their validity. I’m not saying Western Astrology doesn’t work, but there will be a few charts out of several thousand that won’t hold up to the work. That’s not science. That’s asking me to compare my weight by using a different scale everyday. I don’t know about you, but I separated from blind ignorance a long time ago.

Giving up your stripes ain’t easy.

When I was still learning basic astrology I wrote an article that’s somewhat popular on Linda Goodman about the TransNeptunians in the 12 houses. Super obscure, it wasn’t a whole-chart analysis, and yet another failed attempt to make Uranian Astrology fit into the context of Western. It’s not gonna happen. Ever. Two separate beasts.

Western Astrology may work most of the time for some of you out there, but that’s not science. Then there’s the issue of which method to use. Let me say this: Western Astrology with TransNeptunians is better than not using them. American Uranian is better than all of Western Astrology. Midpoints themselves are stupid useful so always remember the power of celestial symmetry!.

Learning Uranian Astrology is like translating Japanese into English when you only speak German.

In case it wasn’t clear Astrology is a language. It’s ignorant to say you don’t believe in astrology because there’s nothing to believe in. Are you saying you don’t believe in Spanish? What’s next, the Earth is flat? Come on now.

The first 42-ish pages of The Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School of Astrology are pretty decent. Everything that follows is a gross monetization fueled by crappy Western astrologers so they can continue to sell horrible-scopes. Witte was stark and clear when he said house systems and signs don’t work. Obviously this type of thinking doesn’t fit in well with traditional astrologers. Uranian Astrology crushes the money train caused in these astrology clubs, so it’s no wonder they don’t want this secret to get out!

Cosmobiology is a ripoff

Reinhold Ebertin was Witte’s student, so he kept the midpoint part of Witte’s Uranian system, ripped out the TransNeptunians, and called it Cosmobiology. There are stark differences in the interpretations of the Personal Points, and Ebertin went as far to use Witte’s dial by calling it something totally different. It still serves the same purpose! Nobody in astrology can fully read a chart with Cosmobiology very simply because the body of work itself is shoddy. There are no remaining masters, nor can this level of education be gleaned or attained. His book translations are god-awful!

Uranian Astrology done right

Witte was clear about what was vetted and worked. Everything else requires further research (asteroids; Vedic house systems), but you really don’t need them. Uranian Astrology is always a science that works and can be proved both visually and mathematically.

The term Westeranian refers to the hybridization of Western and Uranian Astrology by adding houses and signs into Witte’s original methodology. Sorry to hear you’re getting ripped off by fraudsters that can’t read a chart. Give it up already, throw that knowledge in the trash! Let’s grow into brighter consciousness.

Interestingly, you don’t notice the astrology stuff in my chart right off the bat. It takes a little work to break down this story. We always stick to that one-degree orb, but in whole-chart analysis sometimes you have to be a little more generous because it makes the entire chart come to life. You don’t have to be an astrologer to see that the circles are about the same distance from the arrows, if not almost exactly. The cluster on the right equals the stuff on the bottom arrow, and Mars on the left, and 0-degrees Aries up top. These energies are the same.

My astrologer midpoints (black line up top) are brought to life when you consider the reflection points of those planets. Antiscia and contra-antiscia are terms that describe symmetrical structures when points are reflected across an axis. We don’t make a big to-do about them in Uranian Astrology, but they can be helpful mental notes or cues when measuring other symmetries around an axis point. In my case this unlocks the magic and meaning of my chart.

I may have flunked out of a Linguistics Major, but Syntax will always remain near to my heart.

Astrologers use midpoint trees to note what’s sitting on an axis point. Most of the time you don’t even have to move the dial. We write down the planetary pair that’s equidistant to the point of interest on the arrow, with the focal point object (on the arrow) up top. This is to say that everything on the mini-arrows are equal to each other. They are the same energy and therefore considered equally, because everything on those arrows are in 90-degree symmetry patterns with each other.

Astrological Syntax Decoded

I treat midpoint trees like sentence trees when breaking down the language so it’s easier to conceptualize. Click on the arrow to get a drop-down interpretation.

Aries Point midpoint tree

Aries Point: 0 degrees of the 360-degree circle. The genesis point all entities share. “Out in the world”

Add “out in the world” at the end of every example.


Actions, work, energy

Add “To work with” at the beginning of all the following examples.

Sun/Hades=Aries Point

A physical body (Sun) with deformities (Hades)= out in the world (Aries Point); unemployment


A disabled (Hades) body (Sun) with hand (Mercury) problems (Saturn)


Social, group (Cupido) hindrances, isolation, restriction (Admetos) due to (equals) a disabled body (Sun/Hades)

Mercury/Saturn=Uranus/Apollon=Sun/Hades=Aries Point

Surprising (Uranus) (astrological) successes (Apollon) and a disabled (Hades) body (Sun) that has hand (Mercury) problems (Saturn) out in the world (Aries Point).

Mars=Mercury/Saturn=Sun/Hades=Cupido/Admetos=Uranus/Apollon=Aries Point

To work (Mars) talking about (Mercury) health, metaphysical, private (Hades) problems, responsibilities (Saturn) with an exclusive (Admetos) group (Cupido) that finds surprising (Uranus) astrological success (Apollon) out in the world (Aries Point).

This is natal chart analysis in a nutshell. All of the above is a promise of my chart, so you just got the free reading. If you want to know specifically when, that’s a separate consult and info that you purchase. The rest is math and science.

We use one methodology and it’s always the same. We specialize in wholistic problem-solving. Ask a question, get an answer. Everything else, well…

Please state your inquiry as specifically as possible.

I’m really not messing around–Uranian Astrologers use 8,000 formulas to ask questions! We need to narrow it down to which formula is specific to you.

I am bluntly specific in broad terms that only you understand. My jokester disposition allows me to detach and objectively evaluate.

Remember that this work was discovered in Germany, and Europeans are known for their Stoicism. For this reason Uranian Astrology is very black and white in terms of meaning. For instance, you can just as easily divorce from a company as you can your spouse. Pregnancy and giving birth may also be figurative, such as creative endeavors coming to life. Don’t fixate on what you want to hear or take the free reading so literally; put your thinking cap on and explore the possibilities.

Here’s some info to help you decide what kind of reading is right for you. Everything is fully customizable and catered to your needs and/or burning questions.

Scenarios to get a reading

Time to celebrate
Is it time to celebrate?

Uranian Astrologers don't sensationalize holidays or birthdays. Christmas is just another day with a different theme. Are you worried about getting along with your in-laws? Now that's something we can work with. Better yet, let's do a full investigation of your upcoming personal successes. Then you have real reason to celebrate!

Rough time adjusting to change?

Nobody likes having the rug ripped from under them. It usually causes big damage when you're unprepared and bleeding out money is often part of that process. I can give you peace of mind and clarity in these tough times so you know what choices are available in the moment to make your experience more pleasant in the future. The future starts now with your actions in the present. It's easy to let the ego take the low road, but aren't we here to grow?

Relationship expert

If I have all the necessary info, help is only a calculation away! Want me to guess if you're having a boy or girl? Done! Are you getting back with your ex? I can answer that. When are you meeting your husband? Not a problem! What can you do to ease the pain of being single? Alchemy is moments away!

best life
Are you living your best life?

If everything is kittens and rainbows, you probably don't need much past a free reading. Perhaps I said something that aligns with your recent mental curiosities, and we can definitely strategize a game plan around your ideas. If everything is great except for one or two areas, I can show you the alchemy in your chart so you can get "best life" status back. Everyone wants to win.

next level
Ready for the #NextLevel?

What I love about astrology is how it can be used to take you to new heights. Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Let's talk about how we can jumpstart your chart into action and generate some "good karma points"! Are you living your best life? A Basic Analysis can provides a quick "check in" to make sure you're hitting all the signposts along your life journey.

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Dual chart analysis. In depth investigation of any problem if your choice and examination of 5-8 related charts. Includes a 6 month forecast if requesting a multi-subject general read, or general timeframe within the next 3-6 months when. Want to know the specific day and month? Prepare to open your wallet! I’m a fan of the human experience, so oftentimes it’s better to only have a general idea or else it’ll impact your daily life in ways you don’t expect or like. Now you’re trying to play God by calling all the shots since you’re armed with this piece of info. Don’t let life pass you by–You don’t get a second chance so make the most of it!



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Special promotional rate! Two great minds are more powerful than one! Viretta will connect intuitively with your guides and show you the path ahead while telling you what you need to hear. I will bring alchemy to the table with Uranian Astrology so you’re made fully aware of the choices available to you in the moment, and how your actions/thoughts will impact what manifests in the future.


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