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What is Uranian Astrology?

Yours Truly
05-24-1986 2236pm
Mexicali, MX

I laugh at people when they tell me they don’t believe in astrology. Astrology is a language, not a belief system like Christianity. All those little symbols or glyphs have other words or meanings associated with them, so it’s the astrologer’s job to disseminate the information in a meaningful way that guides the native in the right direction.

If you have any sort of knowledge of astrology, you’ve probably heard of things like house systems, aspects, declination, dwad, Jyotish, asteroids, Black Moon Lilith…the list continues ad nauseum. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve definitely heard people referring to themselves by zodiac sign.

Uranians don’t concern themselves with such nonsense. Our founding fathers were unable to vet much of the above scientifically and so such notions were thrown out. While there seem to be varying opinions in this field as to how the work is actually performed, I stick to the one-and-only methodology that always proves out.

Okay, Ernesto, that’s fine, but don’t you Uranians use those TransNeptune Planets or whatever? They’re all hypothetical, so they can’t be true. You’re just full of shit and want to sell me something.

Funny you should ask. Ever heard of a celestial body called Pluto? It’s beyond the orbit of Neptune (hence trans Neptune) And let’s be lexical. It’s TransNeptunian. The points were vetted after thousands of charts were surveyed and the data had been synthesized, so we can say with scientific certainty these eight TransNeptunian worlds exist beyond the orbit of Neptune in our Solar System.

You don’t have to be an astrologer to know that the things I circled above are symmetrically equidistant. This is a chart in Uranian Astrology. I’m going to skip over a lot of detail since this isn’t a lesson, so all you really need to know is Uranian astrologers take the zodiacal positions and divide the chart by a factor of 4 to put it under a microscope so we can measure the distance between axis points and other objects by using a circular ruler called a 90-degree dial. That’s Uranian astrology in a nutshell.

It’s my job as the astrologer to look at what patterns are resonating in your chart and how. In my experience this astrology is truly alchemy, so it’s important to know what freewill options you have in any given moment, no matter how mundane or stagnant the situation.

Once I look at your chart patterns at the time of birth as I showed you above (also referred to as a “Natal chart”), then I take a look at your Solar Arc Directions.

What is a Solar Arc Direction?”

If you’re born on the Summer Solstice, the Earth advances one degree on its axis for every year you’re alive. A Solar Arc Direction is a numerical value that’s added to your Natal zodiacal positions.

This is Level Two.

I chose New Year’s 2020 for this one because I felt like it. The inside chart is Natal (time of birth). Look at the top of the chart and you’ll see the red Aries sign on the arrow in the Natal ring inside. Remember that Solar Arc Direction is a value greater than zero that is dependent on your physical age in relation to the Summer Solstice, but also increases about a degree for every year you’re alive, give or take a few minutes.

The black circle represents that value for me on January 01, 2020. We take that value and add it to each and every planet in the Natal ring individually, then arrange the planets on their own separate ring on the outside. This is Level Two.

What a mess.

Now we add the current positions of the planets in the sky to see what axis point structures are triggered in triple patterns and advise of what’s coming down the turnpike. Unless you know how to work this astrology properly, this Level 3 chart should be outrageously wild to even comprehend.

Not sure what all you’ve heard, but there are only 11 of us that do Uranian Astrology proper as per the Germans. I’m one of them. This is what I know to be true. I am fully committed to the following Six Tenants of Uranian Astrology as per the founding father Alfred Witte

1. To create, in common and in serious work, a simple astrological system, which consists of reliable norms.

2. The goal is to affiliate astrology under the condition of the same rights with the recognized (astronomy, math, geometry) sciences.

3. The astrological methods used must be consistent in that other astrologers/astronomers and scientists must be able to repeat the results.

4. Research the degree of the truth of the astrology and establish/provide proof/correlation between the theories and the astronomy basis of astrology.

5. The works of the members must be so arranged that they meet critical standards/guidelines.

6. The astrological system must negate artistic, superstitious and solely intuitive applications. (Here is where I differ from many of my American colleagues.)

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