Work with me

“Avoid interpretations of sorrow with this astrology of tomorrow.”
-Ludwig Rudolph

One definite hallmark of Uranian Astrology is its precision. Given the current economic state and what’s to come, it behooves anyone to pay for an hourlong consult where you hear the same inane crap they talk about over at CafeAstrology. You didn’t hire me to speak in some astro-babble junk, nor did you hire me to tell you about your life since birth. Many astrologers will waste your time and money with such witch hunts, but this type of practice is disgraceful and spiritually bankrupt to true Uranians such as myself.

To me, getting a reading means you’re asking me a question. If I’m giving you a live free reading like I do over on the Uranus Happens Show, I will ask your chart generally what’s going on and I’ll tell you. Anything that’s beyond the scope of the free reading is billed as a private consult.

Ernesto, tell me about my career.”
“Look at my chart on this date and tell me what’s going to happen.”

First of all, I am not a slave, so don’t tell me what to do. Also, I don’t answer these questions. Trashy Western astrologers may entertain it, but this is not how Uranian works.

“What specifically would you like to know about your career? Are you afraid of losing your job? Is that why you want me to pull up your chart for that given date, so I can make sure your meeting with management doesn’t result in termination or pay cuts?

Now I have a specific inquiry I can look for and give you an answer. This is how we Uranian.

Uranian Astrology

Getting Started

To get your reading going, be it on our live free readings show over at Uranus Happens, or for yourself privately. I will need to collect the following info:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Present location

Your birth time is printed on your birth certificate. I am unable to read you unless you have an exact time of birth, none of this “I think it was about 10AM” stuff. This is a rule, not a request. Please and thank you!

Readings with specific questions must be discussed privately. The free readings are only to prove my work is good and assess where you’re at right now in the moment.


Uranian Astrology
10-minute single question reading
  • Promotional rate for friends of Uranus Happens on BTR!
Dual consult with Uranian Astrologer Ernesto and Psychic Medium Kate (general reading)
  • It’s just like you’re on our BlogTalkRadio show but we’re private!
First-time chart evaluation surcharge
  • Applies to new clients only.
Everything else
  • The tried and true rate.

You don’t buy actual readings with me, you’re purchasing time to be used to ask questions. It’s like psychic hotlines, but more efficient and highly personalized service is involved. It might feel like I’m in a white lab coat with cold gloves on, but believe me a quick dip in the sky is all most people can handle.

I will advise in advance if I am unable to answer the question (inquiry is not suitable for astrology), and will quote you a rate based on the pay-per-minute model. We’ll email for a few days so I can gather all the clarifying pieces of info and our talk focuses only on you and your inquiry. Want something a little less rigid? Just buy more account credits! Loyalty rewards coming!

If you’re a friend of the Uranus Happens Show on my BTR channel and I’ve evaluated your chart before, I offer a promotional rate of a 15-minute single-question reading for $49.